Introducing the Facebook Photo Theater: Here to Stay whether we “Like it” or Not!

On February 10th, Facebook announced the beginning of implementation of their new photo viewer called the “Facebook Photo Theater”. While Facebook boasted that the new photo viewer would improve the user’s photo viewing experience and boost photo viewing by 5% (Facebook Blog, 2011) there are mixed reviews. Well less “mixed” reviews and more-so straight forward negative reviews on the part of actual Facebook users. On the actual Facebook blog where the new photo viewer rollout was announced, there are over 2,000 comments from users sharing their opinions on the new feature. After scrolling through about 4 pages of comments, there wasn’t a positive comment in sight. Many complained of the black frame surrounding the picture being ugly and unnecessary. Other popular complaints included that the new feature made the pictures smaller, made it harder to tag friends, restricted the ability to save pictures and use the chat feature while viewing pictures as well as complaints of the feature skipping pictures when trying to view. There’s even been an influx of new Facebook groups bashing the new photo viewer, such as “The new photo viewer is horrible!” and “I HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK PHOTO VIEWER!!!!!!”. Continue reading