Attack of the Androids: Ushering in the Age of the Android!

The Android OS, sent by Google to conquer the world, has successfully infiltrated the hearts and minds of Americans, as it has become the top platform for smart phones in the U.S. According to comScore’s mobile market report, Android recently beat out the competition in the polls accounting for 31.2% of smart phones in the U.S, while RIM (Black Berry OS)and Apple account for 30.4% and 24.7% respectively. Another report by Nielsen, places both RIM and Apple at 27% with Android still reigning supreme with the majority 29%. Continue reading

Top 6 Ways to Make Money with Facebook: There’s an App for That!

Using Facebook solely as a way to reconnect with friends has become a thing of the past. Today Facebook is fast emerging as new money making avenue. With the rising popularity of Facebook applications , there are many ways for Facebook users to capitalize. The key to profiting from any app is creating a “sticky” app, or in other words creating a popular app that has heavy traffic and that keeps users coming back. Once you have a good idea for an app that will great high traffic (frequent visitation and usage by users), you can begin to find ways to make a profit. Here are the top 6 ways to make money with Facebook apps. Continue reading