Facebook Gets It Right Users Have More Flexibility When Sharing Ads in Their Timeline

Amid a plethora of changes on Facebook, here’s something users will be thrilled with. Apart from many tiny modifications Facebook has introduced over the past ten days, Timeline, a feature that tells a story of your life, is among the most important – It’s a record of your time spent on Facebook as well as a potentially brilliant marketing tool. Continue reading

How to Choose Facebook Application Developers for Your Facebook Applications

Choosing the best team for fulfilling your expectations on designing an ideal Facebook application, should be carefully done. It’s common for you to get what you need, but you are left with low satisfaction level with some visible glitches in the end product. You may ignore the small bits that you would rather do without, but it may prove critical when the users of the app find these, and that’s the last thing you will want them to experience with your app because it does nothing but simply drive them away. Continue reading

Facebook Applications and Monetization

Facebook becomes a part of your life because of the applications that keep you glued to your screen, and as it serves as a basic platform for you to keep in touch with your long-distance friends and family members, the idea of living without Facebook reflects that of Stone Age.

We all are aware that people use facebook for the millions of Facebook applications on it. Facebook Application Developers have created a world —a virtual one – where millions of people breathe and live. It has also created opportunities for business oriented developers who come up with the best of the best Facebook applications, many of which are known to go viral and virtually turn into gold for them. You have a $1 idea, you work on it, you implement the designing and framework behind it – and it can turn out to be a $1M profit. Remember Mafia Wars? Like this game, there are many more now. Continue reading

Role of Project Manager in Facebook App and Game Development

Effective project management is essential for any game and facebook application development project. With a breakdown of the integral components in this type of, you can ascertain and describe the backdrop of effective Project Management; there will certainly be more clarity in terms of understanding how managers & developers deliver projects on time while they don’t compromise on quality and remain well within the confines of budgets given to them. Continue reading