iPhone vs. Android: The Social App Activities That Set Users Apart [Infographic]

Onavo analyzed data from a representative sample of more than 100,000 mobile owners, and looked at more than 40 terabytes of anonymized mobile data over a 30-day period.

“The social networking activity on mobile clearly differs according to which mobile you have,” Onavo CEO Guy Rosen tells Mashable. “Facebook, the overall winner no matter what phone you have, is significantly more popular on iPhones in terms of both number of users and amount of usage. Continue reading

Fuze Media


We are now in New York City!

Location they say is very important especially in the media space so we’ve decided to relocate our headquarters to beautiful and vibrant New York City. The move was a calculated one with our clients in mind and future products in sight. It’s aimed at leveraging the location-based resources available in New York while still serving our global clients with the highest quality products and services. Continue reading

The Future Is Bright and Wide Open for Both, Facebook and Google Plus

A growing amount of speculation hovers over the Facebook-GooglePlus competition hype. Amid the variety of views, many users, quite unreasonably, believe that there will be an immediate outcome; either facebook or GPlus will be victorious. However, a minority of users believe that this is just the start of a long and drawn out war. In fact, even after some time, it will be difficult to say who will be ahead – while G Plus could get really big in time to come, Facebook already is a huge entity, and will not be stifled by its competitor. Continue reading