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Social Game Development for Brands

Social Game DevelopmentMarketing requires that you understand and know your customer’s likes and dislikes, and this requires a widespread Customer Segmentation analysis. Brands these days are moving towards Social Games, and the relevance of this is highlighted when considering that Social Gaming comprises a billion dollar industry. Indeed, this entails a massive current trend, where marketers aim to build the brand loyalty ultimately relevant to rapid sales boosts. Continue reading

Game developing methodology

We at Social Cubix understand that meeting milestones and deadlines is THE biggest deal for our valued customers, and our Game Development Teams have all undergone specialized Scrum methodology training in Agile Game Development.

Penetrative analysis of your target market in addition to intuitive post-launch recommendations guarantees that your game garners positive market reception at the very advent of it’s launch, which is the most crucial phase for any product launch, be it a game or a cereal. Continue reading