Competing in a Crowded Mobile App Marketplace

People around the world are shopping, managing their business, and watching their favorite movies – all while waiting in line at the grocery store or riding the bus. Applications for mobile devices have transformed the mobile phone into a powerful device that can mutate into a portable television, laptop, mp3 player or even gaming console at the touch of a screen. Continue reading

Why your App isn’t selling well?

The app world is fiercely competitive. Scores of companies and independent app developers aspire to acquire many users and gain public attention, but an alarming number of them fall short of their creator’s expectations. Such an inability to keep up with the competition may be a result of several factors that range from an ineffective marketing approach to neglecting to perform adequate tests before launching the app. Here’s a quick review of five of the most common obstacles to an app’s success. Continue reading

SocialCubix and Dynamics Inc. Reveal Exclusive Purchase-Based Facebook Game for ePlate™ Payment Devices

Social Cubix has announced its latest game, Scavenger Shop™, that makes use of the new Dynamics ePlate™ device. The innovative offering brings a new kind of experience to Facebook games as it allows consumers to engage in a world-wide scavenger hunt for game items as the consumer makes everyday purchases. Continue reading

Native, Web and Hybrid Apps – A Brief Introduction

Since the iPhone launched the smartphone revolution, major websites and software programs have been compressed and restructured into smaller applications that can operate on a touchscreen device. This popularity and the ensuing demand for high-end applications on mobile devices led to a surge in application development, which can be divided into three essential categories: native, web and hybrid apps. Continue reading

Instagram – The Art of Photo Sharing

If you are a tech buff, chances are that you’ve tried and tested Instagram; the photo sharing social network that works on your iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. And well, if you aren’t a tech buff, worry not! Here we are to take you on a quick tour of this fantastic app that has been critically compared with Pinterest (yes, that other image sharing network that has everyone going gaga). Rest assured, by the time you are done with this article, you’ll be spending the next two hours discovering the magic of Instagram ;). Here we go. Continue reading