Do You Have What It Takes to be a Facebook App Developer – Tips from Social Cubix?

Ever since Facebook launched a platform for applications, the development world went crazy with thousands of developers wanting to showcase their “awesome app idea”. However, after all said and done, tried and tested, only the toughest of those developers survived this ever growing market. Why is it that these app development companies made it big while the rest of them fizzled out despite the growing demand for game app development? Despite being a geeky coder, do you have what it takes to be a Facebook app developer? Let’s find out shall we? Continue reading

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Social Cubix is a premier Facebook app developer and one of the largest social media development houses in Northern America by project and personnel count.

The concept of a Facebook application developer is an all-encompassing term; it can apply to a single person working in a cramped room or it can refer to a fully equipped team of specialists working within a massive setup. Continue reading

Social Media marketing in a glance

Social MediaSocial Media Marketing is all about promoting your brand and growing more leads and traffic with its recognition and also enhancing the sales with tactically maximized ROI that will give you the feeling of power and strong presence with much needed importance in the social-media entity.

It is about how to expand the brand recognition among the wide audience on social networking sites and also with the blogs on internet keeping the community engagement intact. Continue reading



iOS Vs Android and Blackberry OS Vs Windows OS – What’s Your Call? Part 2

AndroidAnd the battle continues…. The last time we gave you a detailed perspective on the iOS glory. Today, we’ll continue with our take on the Android phenomena.Read Part 1

The Android OS Family

Android is the godchild of Google (yes, we all know that…Google makes a pretty good godfather) and because it has this giant godfather as backup, the OS didn’t take that much time to hit the market and get it on rock n roll mode. Continue reading

Like-Gating Applications

Like-gatingCreating a Like Gating app is a specialized part of setting up and making Facebook Pages more effective – the more effective your Like Gate is, the more users you will bring on board. Like-Gating is a means through which you can actually compel Facebook users to Like your Page, but not without an incentive, of course. To state it plainly, a well thought out Like Gate will bring in a maximum number of users, and this depends on how smartly you lay out your information and present the incentive. You need to give your potential page members just enough information in order for them to want more. Continue reading

Run your promotion on social channels!

Promotional Application DeveloperSocial Cubix makes it easy for you to run your promotion on social channels. We’ve worked with everybody from Fortune 500 clients to independent start-ups, the size doesn’t matter, only the power of the brand that we’re going to help you push in a big way. Launch on Facebook or go across the board and target a mobile audience for a full viral spread of your promotional message, we provide the tools to showcase that message in the most dynamic and immersive way. Continue reading