Every Business Needs an iPhone App

Need Business iPhone AppThe world is dominated by the smartphone industry. Within just the first year of the phone’s inception in 2007, we see more than 1,389,000 units sold, with the figure constantly on the rise, until a whopping 72,300,000 units were sold globally. This device gained worldwide momentum because it no longer provided simple telecommunication, but instead embarked on a strong world of micro-computing. Certain software programs, games and functionality websites (YouTube, Google) were re-developed and given the form of an application that allowed users not only to telecommute, but also to watch movies, hear music, perform various business tasks and be in touch with the online world while on the go. Various businesses began to realize the importance of developing high quality apps if they wanted to reach out to this user platform. Continue reading

Social Media – Headed for a Stock Market Burst?

Social media is recently taking a stab at the stock market. The foremost question on every potential investors’ mind is can social media succeed where the dot-coms and the housing market failed? Are social media companies as lucrative as they appear on paper? Whereas the housing markets could be physically valued, social media companies have little to no valuation or revenue creation going on. Like the dot-com fiasco of the 90s, history is going to repeat itself. The Facebook IPO is an early indicator of the warning signs. Continue reading

Polymer – The Most Addictive iPhone Puzzle Game

Polymer Application DeveloperLooking for an addictive iPhone puzzle game? Make sure you try out Polymer – currently, the most popular puzzle game onboard! Filled with colorful graphics and awesome dynamics, it’s a simple game that gets you literally addicted. It’s not exactly a puzzle game, but more of a shape creating game that works with the collaborative concepts of Rubiks Cube and Chuzzle along with a bit of Lego. Continue reading

Great News for Android App Developers – Google Play Allows Comment Replies!

Google Play DevelopersFinally! Google has created an opportunity for app developers to defend comments and reviews about their applications right on the Google Play platform. Now no negative basher can put your app down with rough comments such as, “crap performance”, “This app sucks…” and all those other hurtful statements that can actually kill your application. Most of the time, these reviews are not by real time users and are purposely invoked by competitors (yes, cheap tactics) to degrade a developer. Continue reading

Windows Phone Game Development

Social Cubix is a premium Windows phone Game Developer with special expertise in crafting 2D and 3D games for Windows based smartphones and tablets. Being one of the leading social media power houses, we are the best when it comes to mobile application development.

With Windows phone emerging as one of the hottest operating systems for the smartphone industry, we have our hands ready with some fantastic gaming strategies designed specifically for the Windows phone platform.

Here at Social Cubix, our game development engineers employ .Net Compact Framework, .Net Mobile Libraries, J2ME, C++ and HTML5.

Our creative team comes up with graphic design ideas that can give your app a powerful user interface. We also employ an efficient deployment process that includes rigorous quality assurance, user acceptance testing and beta test phases. Our work doesn’t end here, as we also provide you with an extensive 60 days maintenance period absolutely FREE.

Planning to take on this new world of Windows phone game development? Call us at 1.866.978.2220 or Drop us a line below.

iPhone Development Company

Social Cubix is a premier iPhone development company and one of the largest social media development houses in Northern America by project and personnel count.

To date the company has designed 275+ professional games and apps for its valued customers. Professional development tools such as the Xcode, Objective C, Cocoa Framework, Cocos2D, Boxed2D, HTML5, Unity Game Engine and Interface Builder are utilized in designing and delivering the perfect app to our esteemed clientele.

Why Choose Social Cubix over the others?

Our dedicated and creative iPhone development team makes use of established and upcoming professional development tools like ObjectiveC, XCode, Quartz, WebKit Programming, Core Animation & Graphics, BojourWeb, Unity 3D Engine and RPC XML Framework to create and polish the application our clients ask us for. Social Cubix employees take all client feedback into account from the onset of the application development process. By giving them a say in the development process, we remain engaged with the needs and requirements of the clients at all times. This is what gives us a unique edge over the average iPhone Development Company.

How Our App Development Process Works

Our streamlined and customer-centric iPhone app development process is the result of over 4 years’ experience. Here’s a brief snapshot of our development strategy.

  • We invite ideas and discover what kind of app and accompanying features the client wants.
  • We assemble the right people for the development of the app and deliver a working proof of concept model for the client.
  • Development on the application starts with our dedicated team of coders and artists collaborating and simultaneously checking for and squashing any bugs found in the app.
  • The finished app has to pass rigorous quality assurance tests before been shipped for deployment in the Apple App Store.
  • As part of the application launch strategy, our marketing team initiates a promotional advertising campaign.
  • Once the app is in the end of end users, we keep on providing further updates and patches for the app.

An iPhone development company that is focused on both the aesthetic and functional aspects of application design, Social Cubix can give you that added brand value and leverage in the marketplace. So drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you for all your iPhone development needs.

iOS Application Development

Social Cubix has developed 500+ feature-rich iOS applications and games for high-profile clients such as Nintendo, Sony, Canon, Real, Dream Works Studio, Sports2K and many more. Our clients continued trust in the performance of our iOS applications are a testament of our user centric application designs with killer functionalities

Social Cubix’s iOS Application Process

  • It all starts with an idea. Whether you want to develop a game or a productivity app, the ideas keep rolling in and once the client is satisfied with the finalized application idea, we move on to the next phase.
  • With the idea in place, a competent team is assembled to start with the development. The team members meet and chart out their responsibilities so that no time is wasted in overlapping development cycles. Once all the team responsibilities and functions are laid out, a proof-of-concept design is developed that ensures that the app technological capacity is in place.
  • After getting the necessary approvals our team proceeds to develop the premier iOS application for your firm. We use tools of the trade such as ObjectiveC, XCode, Quartz, WebKit Programming, Core Animation & Graphics, BonjourWeb, Unity 3D Engine and RPC XML Framework in developing and aide by side testing. The two-pronged development and testing process ensures that bugs are quashed at the earliest and work on app proceeds seamlessly.
  • Once the app is polished and ready to be unleashed on the App Store, our firm’s marketing arm steps up and designs an exquisite promotional campaign to support the app release. Pre-release hype is integral for an explosive App Store debut.
  • Last But not the least, our developers provide updates and maintenance support whenever the need arises.

Convinced in hiring our sleek app development services? Wait no more and drop us a line below and we will be happy to guide you.

iOS App Developers

Social Cubix is a premier iOS app developer and one of the largest social media development houses in Northern America by project and personnel count. With over 500+ polished titles for Apple app store, we ranks amongst the top iOS developers in the world.

Here at Social Cubix, our award winning designers work creatively with experienced iOS developers to serve finished applications with the user in mind, and of course, a delighted you. Our team of iOS app developers command excellent proficiency in industry-standard iOS Programming tools like Cocoa Framework, ObjectiveC, XCode, Quartz, WebKit Programming, Core Animation & Graphics, BonjourWeb, Unity 3D Engine and RPC XML Framework.

No matter how big or small your idea, run it through our business analyst and developers, and watch as we make your idea a reality.

iOS Application Developers

iOS Apps

Our team of expert level iOS developers and designers has developed and published over 500 diverse iOS applications on app store and at any given time have few dozens more in production.

iOS App Developer

iOS Games

Our success in iOS game development is self evident from the fact that our games have been hitting the top 10 charts in the iTunes store consistently.

Social Cubix stays engaged with you through every step. If you need the services of industry best iOS developer that can help propel your mobile app to the top of the App Store charts, then call us at +1.866.978.2220.