Ingredients for Developing An Awesome iPhone App

Every commercially successful and critically acclaimed iPhone app has the same characteristics. Developers need to consider what the customer wants in the palm of their hands.So without further ado, lets take a look at the best aspects to employ in iPhone app development.

An iPhone app should have these characteristics just right: Continue reading

Perfect Video Contest

Video Contest DeveloperWith over 2 billion video views per day and over 35 hours of footage uploaded every minute, video streaming is king on the internet. With such impressive stats, many marketers are hoping to leverage the power of social media and video to design awe-inspiring video contests. Continue reading

How to Design a Successful Photo Contest for your Brand



picture contest facebook development

picture contest facebook

Facebook Photo Contest

Facebook Photo Contest

Facebook Photo Contest Development

Facebook Photo Contest Development

Facebook Photo Contest Development

Facebook Photo Contest Developers

The enduring popularity of photo sharing app Instagram holds sage lessons for brand marketers, photos are the best way to build up your brand. They help bring in increased community engagement levels.

By holding Photo Contests, companies can invite positive feedback as well as project brand value to a wider audience than ever before. Continue reading

Social media gaming is spreading – Social Cubix’s CEO speaks for the Voice of Russia

Social Gaming Development and DeveloprsSocial gaming is spreading its tentacles to other parts of the world apart from that of the US. The Russian social gaming industry is enjoying a whooping $110 million worth of value for all the popular social games released within the country. With this statistic, it is evident that there is a constant rise in demand for a social game manufacturer that can nurture this rising bud. Continue reading

Facebook eCommerce Apps that Can Help You Earn Money

Facebook is facilitating connectivity between people more than ever. Wouldn’t it be good if you had some ways to make money on the world’s biggest social network? Not to mention selling your stuff on Facebook rather conveniently? Guess what, not only is it possible but also easy for individuals to conduct business via Facebook. Continue reading

What is Mobile Monetization

What is Mobile MonetizationThe mobile apps market is offering developers more options than ever to maximize their profits easily. Mobile monetization is fast becoming an attractive option for firms to deploy their mobile apps in the marketplace. Mobile apps usage is growing at a steady rate and it is fast becoming the wave of the future.

Here’s how mobile monetization can help you rake in added revenue, provided you do it right. Continue reading

iPhone App Monetization

The iPhone apps market is a lucrative business opportunity just waiting to happen. With iOS downloads surpassing 1 billion, many companies are looking to make their presence felt in the smartphone apps world. Corporate entities are increasingly flocking to iPhone app developers who can get their company on the App Store map. Continue reading