Building Brand Engagement via Facebook Apps

Businesses have their work cut out for them in this age of social media. They now have access to far robust tools to engage with their consumers more closely. We are left wondering how big brands had fewer and less effective options to dive brand engagement back in the old days. Continue reading

Windows Phone 8 – The Next Big darling of Mobile App Development Companies?

windows phone app development companyYou ask any smartphone aficionado about a rotund green robotic being and a fruit which has been bitten just once and they’ll launch into a lengthy commentary about the smartphone wars. But no one remembers the underdog right? In this case the underdog is planning to rise from the ashes like a phoenix and catch everybody unawares. The underdog is 4 square white boxes shaped like a window still. It’s the newest kid on the block – The Windows Phone 8 platform. Continue reading

What iPhone 5 Developers Have to do To Stay in the Game

Iphone 5 App developersWith the advent of the new iPhone, there has been a lot of chatter on iOS app development. IPhone 5 developers are understandably intrigued by the larger form factor of Apple’s flagship phone. And they just can’t wait to update and retool their apps.

Before they dive headlong into making their apps iPhone 5 ready, there are some factors that should inform their development approach. This time around, doubling the pixel count just won’t cut it. Continue reading

Prerequisites for Launching your Mobile App in Style

Launch Mobile AppWe have all experienced it firsthand. The most popular mobile apps are those which make a hell of a debut. People rush out to try it and are busy referring it to their peers and pals.

What goes into making a mobile app the darling of the tech world? What tips and tricks do mobile app developers use to make us use their app so passionately? Continue reading

The iPhone 5 is Here!

iPhone 5 App DeveloperAfter countless leaks and pre-launch predictions, Apple Inc finally took the wraps off the next major iteration of the iPhone. To no one’s surprise, Apple is calling its flagship product the iPhone 5.

So what tricks does the iPhone 5 has in its sleeve? Will it be able to maintain its trail-blazing legacy? Or is it going to fall short of its nearest green-colored competitor? All this and more in the continuing space. Continue reading

Zuckerberg’s First Interview Post IPO Fiasco

Zuckerberg at TechCrunch Disrupt on FacebookEver since the fail of Facebook’s IPO, Mark Zuckerberg avoided the limelight. Now that the IPO fiasco has cooled down, Mark finally gives his first interview on Tuesda at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in San Fransico. Faced with questions regarding the IPO, Mark finally accepts that, “the performance of the stock has been disappointing.” Continue reading

Social Media Strategy Done Right

Olympic London Social Media 2012If the Olympics showed us one thing, it’s that social media will continue to play a more involved role in our lives. Nike, Samsung, P&G and many other world renowned brands have plans to roll out their social media strategy for the next Olympics in Rio 2016. Up to 65% of the new as well as established business organizations are planning to make social media their central marketing platform. Continue reading

The Pinterest Android App – Addiction Finally Satisfied!

AVTFinally! Wait over! The Pinterest app is finally on Android and with more than 10 thousand subscribers within just a week of its launch, this app is all set to rock. You now have an amazing image sharing social network right at the touch of your fingertips. Since Social Cubix is a curious app developer, we decided to give the app a tryout and here is a quick Pinterest app review for your indulgence. Continue reading