Is Android Fragmentation a Growing Concern?

Android FutureWith 1.3 million activations a day, Android is positioning itself as the mobile platform with no equal. Its main selling points include its open-source nature as well as more choices for consumers. But for Android app developers, the success of Google’s mobile platform is bringing new challenges to the fore. Ecosystem fragmentation for instance. Continue reading

Social Cubix is at the verge of launching an experience™ application on the new, battery-powered Dynamics ePlate™ credit card.

dynamics eplate chip developmentThe battery-powered ePlate™ card is not a traditional credit card. The award-winning technology gives you a revolutionary new rewards program– instant, valuable rewards that are changeable at the push of a button. You are now in control of what rewards you earn and when you earn them!

With Scavenger Shop by Social Cubix, ePlate™ users will earn exclusive game items just by making everyday purchases. Achieve new levels of gameplay just by living your life! Continue reading

A Halloween with Spooky Android Apps

Images of ghouls got you scared? Scared of venturing out because your friends tell that there’s a werewolf on the prowl? Blame a Halloween app for that. Or better yet, fight back with these Android apps for Halloween.

Here some chill-inducing Android apps that will get you in the spooky Halloween mood in no time: Continue reading

Christmas App & Game Development

So you want an app that is equal parts fun and equal parts festive? An app that is oozing Christmas spirit every way you look at it? Then what you need is Social Cubix to make apps as engaging as putting up a Christmas tree at home. We develop apps that can make your Christmas holidays all the more memorable and cherish able.

From apps that make it easier to share your Christmas moments with your closed ones to reindeer racing games, our creative mobile app design team does it all and more. Making amazingly professional apps and games that Santa himself would be proud of, the Social Cubix design team can make app concepts seamlessly transition from an idea to reality. The best part? Our dedicated team caters to all major platforms be it iOS, Android, Facebook and Windows Phone. After all Christmas is about everyone. And Social Cubix connects you with the widest audience.

If you want to be leave your competitors buried In snow the coming Christmas season, call us and watch as we take your ideas to a whole new level.

Thanksgiving App & Game Development

Spread the warmth and love on Thanksgiving Day with Social Cubix! Being a leading mobile application development company, we develop amazing Thanksgiving apps that helps ease your customers into the holiday spirit. From holiday-themed apps to fun-filled games, we do it all!

Don’t afford to lose out on the holiday cheer. Leave your competitors to the starting line with exciting and addictive mobile apps that customers really want. To make it happen all you have to do is contact the mobile app development geniuses at Social Cubix that craft apps as amazing as your mom’s Thanksgiving Turkey. No matter whatever your requirements we make apps for all the major mobile platforms be it iOS, Android, Facebook and Windows Phone, we believe in helping you reach the widest audience yet.

Our app development strategy is to utilize today’s technologies for tomorrow’s audience. All this to ensure amazing and future-proof Thanksgiving apps that will be used well and beyond the holiday season. Whether you want your app to reach millions of Facebook users this fine Thanksgiving we are the guys to help you spread the holiday cheer far and wide.

Halloween App & Game Development

Social Cubix is the pioneer of application development for smartphone and social network platforms. With extensive experience in game application development, we aim to please you with our designs, strategies and indigenous gameplay crafting!

Now, why in the witch’s world should you be left behind while your competitors are celebrating the event giving out Halloween products and services to their customers? So what is it that you can do more different and more exciting? You can contact Social Cubix to develop a thrilling Halloween application for Facebook, iOS, Android and Windows Phone users! Being pioneers of the application development industry for mobile and social media platforms, we know what it takes to develop a Halloween application that would give your customers all the spooks and scares they want to enjoy on the day.

Utilizing latest technologies for iOS development, we can either create a thrilling Halloween game application that you can totally enjoy on your iPhone, iPod and iPad or we create a Facebook spooky application for your customers to enjoy. With awesome designers on board, our scary characters are bound to give the freaky effect needed for a Halloween application to be successful.

Magento – What’s in it for You and your Business

Magent business developerThere have been many platforms for deploying your e-commerce site over the years. Each of them had their pros and cons. For web developers and e-commerce solutions providers, the marketplace was full of options.

Enter Magento, a comprehensive all-in-one enterprise class e-commerce development suite. And it is proving to be a worthy successor to old and outdated e-commerce technologies. Continue reading

Inside the Mind of an Android App Developer

Android DevelopersSomewhere right now a mobile app developer is thinking hard – should I be developing my app on Android or competing mobile OSes?

It’s a recurring dilemma for first-time developers. Choosing a comprehensive mobile ecosystem where your apps will reside and operate is not a breezy decision to take. But once you take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the various mobile OSes today, your decision-making process finally gets some traction. Continue reading

Trick or Treat – Halloween Apps and Games for the iPhone

Halloween is just upon us and theres a lot of trick and treating to go around. And what are people to do when the extended candy runs come to an end? Well, we all got our iPhones primed and ready to indulge in some wholesome Halloween spirit.

With every festive holiday come a raft of appropriately themed iPhone apps and games to get you in the mood. iPhone game developers go into overdrive and ensure that you get the most scariest thrills and goosebumps from expertly designed games. Continue reading

QR Codes Integration & Development

QA Codes Developers

Social Cubix has been developing apps that leverage the power of QR codes.

They can be used to share direct links to products, services, media, etc. Not only that but QR Codes are integrated into apps to build entire communities, mobilize fans and initiate viral campaigns and promotions as well. Our mobile app developers craft iPhone, Android, BlackBerry & Windows Phone apps with integrated QR codes that do all of the above and more.

For a business, no matter how large or small it is, QR codes present a cost-effective and efficient way of redirecting potential customers to your products and services seamlessly. Any smartphone with a camera can scan strategically placed QR codes in posters, banners, packaging etc. for maximum effect. Your smartphone goes everywhere with you and a well-placed QR code in malls, streets, community centers, recreation areas can help advertise your wares more intimately.

We at Social Cubix understand the technical as well as the business aspect of apps. With QR codes, we give our clients and customers the means to engage with the everyday consumer in a hassle-free way. The next time your customers need to arrive at answers quickly, a mobile app with QR code functions is exactly what you need to hit the ground running.

Want to get potential customers intrigued about your new mystery product? Get yourself a perfectly crafted mobile app from the creative developers at Social Cubix today.