How to Win Over the Client’s Confidence with Your Mobile App Development Process

mobile development processHave you ever wondered why some smartphone app developers keep churning out hits after hits and why some start-ups have trouble pushing out their first app? The key to their success lies in proper management of business, customer and technical processes. Neglecting even one of these core processes is not only bad for your company’s fiscal health, it also hurts customer confidence and company reputation. In order to ensure that none of these unwanted scenarios come to pass, here are some tips to make your smartphone app development app business and customer friendly: Continue reading

Elections 2012 – 5 Smartphone Apps that Transformed the Political Landscape

It is pertinent to note the role of technology in every sphere and aspect of our lives. And the biggest events in any part of the planet showcases how technology is evolving and facilitating change,

Case at point – the Elections 2012. This election has seen an unprecedented use of smartphones and social networks to spread word about political issues and a voter’s responsibility in ushering in change. Continue reading

Android app development companies

Social Cubix has been at the forefront of application development for the past five years. Being one of the leading social media development houses in Northern America, we are proud of our prestigious clientele base and world class services.

With the surging popularity of devices running Android, Android app development companies like Social Cubix are paving the way for next-generation Android app development. Our technical expertise and years of experience in the app development industry have made us an industry veteran.

Social Cubix’s Android app development team combine form and functionality to bring you the best Android apps powered by the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Open GL, Java, Flash, HTML5 and other cutting-edge technologies. Our apps have the potential to become commercially and critically successful in the marketplace.

Social Cubix counts itself amongst the premier Android app development companies in the marketplace today. Simplifying the lives of our consumers is what we at Social Cubix believe in. By crafting the most usable and attractive apps, our clients look no further than us to get to their goals with relative ease.

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Create an Android App

Social Cubix is the pioneer in mobile application development and is one of the leading social media development houses in Northern America.

Need someone experienced and professional to create an Android app? Social Cubix is a company you can count on when looking for a development house that can give you state of the art applications that makes it to the top. With our clearly defined AGILE process and a team of expert professionals to keep you updated on every move of the project, we are the development company you have been looking for.

When it comes to Android application, we apply world class standards and technological implementations. We believe in quality applications for the public at large and this is why we use sophisticated tools such as Java IDE, Android SDK, Open GL, Open AL, Unity 3D engine for Android gaming applications and many more. From isometric 2D games to real time 3D Android games, we do it all.

With our social media marketing plans, we also make sure your Android application reaches out to a massive audience –thus making a top spot on Google Play.

Android App Maker

Social Cubix is a leading Android app maker with an envious clientele base including top notch Fortune 500 companies. We are also proud to be one of the most prominent mobile game development houses in Northern America by project and personnel count.

Looking for a Android app maker? Social Cubix is here at your service. Having years of experience in developing Android applications, we are experts when it comes to game development on the Android platform. With hands on expertise on tools like Java, Open GL, Open AL and Unity 3D.

Utilizing Android’s official SDK along with Java IDE, we create detailed game functionalities that are in league with the basic rules of touch technology ensuring a smooth transition from one screen to the next. With our Android Security Architecture, your application remains safe for your audience to use and enjoy.

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