Benefits of developing an iPhone game with Social Cubix

Apple iPhone features innumerable games which are quite in demand these days, but developing a gaming app is not that simple, it requires developers to employ some important steps which ultimately lead towards the entertainment of a user.Benefits of iPhone Game DevelopmentWe here at Social Cubix have been in the iPhone game development business for quite some time and have attained distinction of being amidst the best in the business. Continue reading

Mobile Gaming Apps are Gaining Popularity

mobile game developmentThe smartphone era has introduced us with different kinds of mobile application because of which today people can use their phones for more than just communicating.

Currently the app world is dominated by mobile gaming and quite precisely a research shows how 24 of the top 25 earning developers in the major app stores are all gaming companies. Continue reading

How Windows 8 Transformed the Approach of PC Gaming

PC gaming has witnessed reinvention at different intervals since its introduction, for instance in the 1990’s the advent of 3D acceleration and lately the mobile revolution in the 2000’s.

Microsoft the multinational computing cooperation with its new Windows now offers game developers a platform through which they can change their approach towards the creation of games. Continue reading

Ouya Games Console is Good news for Android Game Developers

ouya developersHave you heard of Ouya – the Android games console that is coming to a living room near you? After a successful Kickstarter funding campaign the Ouya games console project is ready to lift off the socks of the Android games development community.

Here’s a refresher course for those not in the know about the hottest tech news this past month. The Ouya is a hardware games console that is powered wholly by the Android OS. It aims to shake up the video games industry with its starting price of $100 at launch. It was designed by noted designer Yves Béhar. It is expected to go on sale on Dec 1 2012. Continue reading