How to Develop a Mobile Game Like Angry Birds?

We all know the answer when we have been asked about the coolest mobile game on earth, yes – We all scream loud “Angry Birds”. After earning over $500M in sales, it has become a cultural phenomenon. Recently Rovio announced that Angry Birds will now be developed into a 3D animation film and it will be released worldwide by Sony on 1st of July 2016. Continue reading

What You Should Know About Mobile App Development Cost?

So, what does it cost to develop a mobile app? That’s most of our customers ask us whenever they want us to quote for their app design & development project. It’s pretty much like asking how much does it cost to buy a car or construct a house. Well it depends upon what sort of a car you are buying or house you are constructing. Continue reading

A Look at Current Trends in Mobile Monetization

When the smartphone apps revolution started, it changed a lot of things for developers and consumers alike. Gone were the days of apps/games costing $10+. The freemium monetization model became monetization expertiseThat was some 5 years ago with the debut of the original App Store for iOS devices. Times have changed and so have user preferences and tastes. Mobile app monetization trends are also undergoing a change. Continue reading