App Developers in D.C.

We here at D.C. are passionate about Design and Mobile technology. Social Cubix is equipped with an inspired and dedicated team that works towards making outstanding apps and games for leading clients. Knowing how many other app development companies profess the same, let us validate the statement by * cough cough * modestly listing our giant clientele.

We have had the privilege to work with: Sony, Canon, Nintendo, Pepsi, Suzuki, PayPal, Office Depot, Sharp. Sapient, Ray-Ban, Real Networks, Wal-Mart, iContact, and a host of others. Continue reading

5 Questions About Choosing a Mobile Game Development Company

So you want to make a mobile game but find yourself lost in approach. We provide you a visually appealing info-graph that gives you direction befitting your budget, time-constraints and workability.

Let’s graphically explain you how working with a free lancer or a team can provide you various results. So it gets way easier for you to select your game plan accordingly. Choose wise, achieve better. Continue reading

Top 5 Apps That Get You Your Dream Job

In the competitive world of today, it is those surviving with an edge: The adaptable, competitive and the quick. To be all that one must be equipped with the necessary tools to stay sharp and innovative. With the entire world going mobile, let’s look at the essential apps that can land you your dream job with the fastest way possible. Continue reading

Mobile apps downloaded by OS – Infographic by Social Cubix

Billions of people are downloading apps all over the world. We here at Social Cubix covered an in-depth info graph on Mobile apps. The number of people using them graphs on the widely popular app development platforms, to cover market trends and consumer habits.

Here we also show a global review forecasting the growth in the app industry from 2012 to 2017. Market shares of popular mobile platforms and a pie chart depicting the percentage of users worldwide. It’s always great to have an overview and here we provide the essentials for a better understanding. Continue reading

Let The Social Games Begin!

Social networks have unleashed an outbreak of online gaming. Millions of players are glued to playing addictive browser games typically featuring multiplayer and asynchronous gameplay. Why is such gaming growing monstrously is not like uncovering secrets of the Sphinx. People like to play games and it gets more fun when you play with friends and family or when you challenge a pro.

The browser games are growing big, as they can also be implemented on other platforms such as mobile devices, which means you can be challenged on a game wherever you go! Continue reading

Google Chromecast: A Quick Review

It’s small, cheap and wireless. The device allows you to stream YouTube to your TV using your tablets or Smartphone as remote, with additional access of Google Music and Google TV for Android users. Even though there are some frustrating limitations to the device the video dongle is sold out and pre booked for weeks.

The promo of Google Chromecast could misleadingly appear to challenge Apple TV and Roku, but its reliance on mobile devices and limited app support could mean Google Chrome leaves a lot to be desired and could lag behind its competitors, unless it sees an upgrade. Continue reading