Engaging Marketing Trends: Gamification

When it comes to consumer engagement a new trend seems to be viral in retail enterprise. Since we have been trained for immediate reward system, incentivizing our day to day tasks is now an accepted behavior pattern.

Gamification a promising marketing trend

This is a new strategy for ‘customer engagement’ for many leading retail companies. Following up closely the process works in a successfully engaging, fun and addictive way for consumers, let’s see with a step by step example how, the new methodology is simply a clever trick to attract and engage customers. Here’s how the strategy becomes most effective: Continue reading

Run Your Business from Your Smartphone

Anxious about your business till you reach office?

Well wait no more as we equip you to take control of your business from your smartphone. Download the following helpful apps to manage your business right at your finger tips.

With Ever note, Saasu and a few other listed applications, certain businesses can be run entirely on your Smartphone. From sending emails to managing ideas, customer relationships and keeping a track on client connectivity and website analysis, wherever you go, your business follows. Continue reading

How to Make Money from Apps

Yes, there are a lot of apps out there that mostly sell your app idea. So how do you compete against them? Ideally you should come up with an irreplaceable problem solving app or an ingenious idea that hasn’t been launched before. Innovation being the key, but given the condition that your app is competing against an already existing idea in the market, here are a few tips and methods you need to employ to ensure you are able to monetize it to the max. Continue reading