The Android Story

When it comes to treats, Android does it best. Having its versions named after desserts, Team Social Cubix with its skilled designers and passionate Android developers have put together an infograph about the Android history that will send its readers on a sugar rush! Continue reading

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Social Cubix Topping The Charts For Best Facebook Application Development Company

When it comes to providing quality services the most reliable name is that of Team Social Cubix. But wait we aren’t the only ones to state that, according to a recent survey conducted by, our company has made it to the Best Facebook application development company for the month on October 2013 and November 2013. Yay team!

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Not to be utterly boastful but it is due to providing seamless integration for companies offering their services for their customers through one of the strongest social network today aka Facebook-which comes naturally to its competent developers and ingenious designers. Continue reading

How to Easily Migrate PHP Websites & MySQL Databases With SSL Setup to a Reliable Hosting Company

This article is written in the context of small business websites with traffic of less than 1,000 users per day.

Recently, I stumbled upon the challenge of migrating web hosting for one of my clients. The web application was built on PHP and had MySQL Database. Transferring PHP files to the new host was not as big of a challenge as it was to transfer the MySQL database. Here are the main challenges I had faced:

Hosting and MySQL Database Migration Challenges:

First of all, my web development team’s favorite database management tool “SQLYog” wouldn’t connect with the Database of the new hosting company (The very famous grid hosting provider). Secondly, it was giving permissions and access denied errors. Here is a sample of errors that were encountered: Continue reading