Stuck between HTML5 and Native App? Let the Experts Decide!

We live in a world of screens. These can be of different sizes and attached to stationary or mobile devices. As our present world tends to become increasingly social and open, your apps are now able to reach people belonging to all corners of the globe, but as a budding business owner or a future entrepreneur, do you often wonder where you should start from?

There seems to be an endless debate regarding the use of HTML5 and Native Apps, with no concluding proof to suggest a clear winner. Continue reading

Could Facebook be Monopolizing our Data?

Businesses yearn to derive more and more information about people, their location, associations, and interests. This is because when they possess that kind of knowledge, they can create more influential and more monetizable apps and services. However, people wish to put a stop to this kind of access to their personal information, as they are afraid of being exploited, monitored or misused. Continue reading

We Transform Businesses through Mobility

Shifting to a more mobile business, by all means, save you space, loosen up your resources and transform the manner in which you connect with your customers. We can assist you with embracing mobility by providing the know-how, expertise and robust apps to get you functioning more competently than ever. Continue reading