How QR Codes Ignites your Business Sales?

Quick Response codes are getting popular because, as the name suggests, they are meant for quick decoding. Originally, they were developed by a Japanese company, Denso Wave to be used in the auto industry for tracking parts. As time passed by, other organizations saw potential benefits of QR codes for boosting their business.

A mobile phone that has a camera along with special decoding software can read the data in the QR code and initiate whatever action, that is being encoded there. A customer is able to scan this QR code that will permit him to store the information to be used in future. Another amazing feature about QR codes is that they connect several types of marketing strategies together. Continue reading

Does Apple knock Out Android with iOS 8?

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference is a well-known platform for developers to get to know about the newest developments in Apple’s software and hardware. In the past, Apple’s announcements regarding the launch of their new devices and other hardware have successfully managed to get huge media exposure. However, WWDC14 came as a big surprise, with Apple announcing the new version of MacOS and iOS8, while no hardware updates were disclosed.

Now, there is absolutely nothing to be disappointed about! People who were earlier expecting a spectacular iWatch or a revolutionized iPad, are currently celebrating the fact that the manner in which they carried out their mobile and desktop computing processes, will be completely transformed, thanks to the magnificently updated iOS8. Continue reading