Age of Mobile Payments – Is Apple Pay Totally Worth it?

How does the idea of purchasing Apple products through your iPhone and thumbprint sound?

Over the years, Apple’s technological marvel has combined several independent devices including cameras, GPS systems and music players, all in one refined in-your-pocket package. Apple is yet again at the forefront of innovation with a new payment service that lets you buy products at over 220,000 shops or within apps, using your hi-tech hand-held gizmo. Continue reading

10 Super Duper Features We Simply Love about iOS 8

The new iPhone 6 and Plus model has folks huddled up and buzzing away in every tech corner.. All iPhone 4 and post-iPhone 4 builds will be getting a taste of the new iOS 8. If Apple’s already rich party-app ecosystem weren’t enough to please your senses, major improvements are heading your way.

Let’s take a look at ten iOS 8 features that are taking your iPhone experience to a new level of exciting possibilities. Continue reading

5 Great Ways to Design Your App for Today’s Tech-savvy User

Creating a great app is a lot like engineering an automobile: it involves great attention to detail to ensure all moving parts are grinding away smoothly in unison.

Every time users download apps for their preferred Smartphone, all they want is to make life easier in some shape or form, a means or gateway to fewer complications, and getting more done in less time. However, most of us app users end up getting disappointed. Why? Many developers are not really on the same boat when it comes to getting the basics of user-experience right.

The next-gen user does not believe in app fandom, and is always on the lookout for apps to get through their day faster. They want nothing more than convenience, simplicity and accessibility, all wrapped up in one finely-tuned package.

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5 Top-notch Resources for Multi-platform Mobile App Development

Most developers today understand what a painstaking and cumbersome task mobile app development on multiple platforms can be. Every platform presents to you a set of hurdles and challenges on a nice and shiny silver platter. You’re potentially dealing with unique capabilities, behavior and features for each one.

Multi-platform apps are all the rage these days. Staying current on resources for mobile app development is a top priority for every app developer. It also pays to give heed to the fact that you must roll out apps which function smoothly on all platforms.
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