The Whole Android Wear Vs Apple Watch Affair: A Thorough Look

Apple’s big announcement came just this past September with the unveiling of Apple Watch. However, they’re not the first ones to wow audiences with this new tech; Google beat them to the punch when they announced Android Wear just a few months prior to the Apple launch.

To put things in perspective, Apple Watch isn’t exactly a revolutionary departure from the existing wearable market. In fact, there are quite a few aspects it has in common with Google’s wearable platform. The design guidelines for third-party apps released by Apple in November this year also puts things in the same perspective, as they are in fact, quite similar to those for Android Wear.
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Where the Mobile Gaming Industry Stands Today

Over the last few years, the gaming industry has experienced nothing short of a living, breathing revolution. Thanks to tools like Unity, there are practically no entry barriers; if you have a bit of skill and a few hundred bucks to spare, you can put your game up on Google Play or the App Store.

It wasn’t like this a few years back though. Games were hot on PC and consoles alone and budgets often rivaled or exceeded those of the highest grossing Hollywood movies. Having even an indie gaming house meant hiring a seasoned and dedicated team, plenty of capital to boot, and a good year or more to release your goods in the market. And God forbid, if a platform owner or publisher turned down your game, you had literally no way of getting it out. Continue reading

Future Smartphone Tech: Works in Progress and Some Wild Guesses

In just about every conversation you find yourself today, there’s hardly one where apps, smartphones or mobile tech aren’t talked about.

What the iPhone or iPad can do at present is merely a taste of things to come. The way advancements in mobile tech are taking place, it’s easy to make a few guesses so as to where it’s headed in the next six to ten years. So, we felt this is a good time to observe some ongoing trends while taking a few shots in the dark and try and determine what shape or form smartphone technology may take in the not too distant future.
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Kick Off the New Year with the 10 Best Android Wear Apps

It hasn’t even been a full year, and already Android developers are rising to the occasion and exploring Google’s exciting new wearable platform. The Android 5.0 update also adds a new layer of functionality in the form of Watch Face, which makes your Android Wear Watch look stunning, fashionable, fun and highly useful.
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2015: Ten Mind-blowing Mobile Technologies to Look Forward To

As 2014 draws to an end, techies across the world are keeping their eyes and ears peeled, eagerly looking forward to what mobile technology innovations 2015 holds.

2015 could very well be a huge year for mobile technologies, though it’s difficult to say how these might change the business and consumer world. Let’s take a look at ten of the most highly anticipated mobile technologies gracing us next year.

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