The Ultimate ‘Hire an App Developer’ Negotiation Checklist

Getting your app developer to work precisely as per your vision, guidelines and criteria can be a pretty tall order. It’s tough business; on one hand, the app developer may boast about his/her portfolio or defend the fact that a particular approach has worked rather well in the past, you should cave in and do the same, for instance. On the other, you are simply not willing to flow along with some of the ideas your developer has proposed. Continue reading

5 Apps to Boost Grey Matter Horsepower

We all need to stay sharp. Whether it’s doing better at school, performing better as an athlete, excelling at our job, or just getting more out of life – maintaining good psychological and mental health is the key to finding happiness and contentment, as well as performing well in a variety of professional and personal roles. Continue reading

Social Cubix’s Top 7 App Picks – February

As you look forward to a bright and prosperous year with your loved one, romancing over a hot cup of coffee, letting your mind wander while looking out the window, we felt it’s time to bring back our bi-monthly issue of top 7 apps to add to your app arsenal. Continue reading

Scope of Mobile Apps in Developing Countries – A Bright Future

Mobile apps in developing countries are changing lives as we speak. The process however, is still relatively young; for one, third-world nations and iPhones simply do not mix due to high pricing and inflexibility. The ideal Smartphone should be cheap, simple and rugged, as well as sport a battery that’s good to go for at least a week. Continue reading

An App Promotion Checklist for Small Businesses

It’s hard to ignore how everything is going mobile these days.

It can indeed be foreseen that the future lies in mobile. Businesses and enterprises have been quick to cash in on its importance and now it’s considered the most prominent channel to engage with customers. Continue reading

Referral Marketing: 10 Killer Plugins to Boost Sales

Ask yourself: what do you trust more, something displayed on an ad banner or your friends’ words? If that weren’t enough, research also proves people are generally more likely to trust recommendations from folks they know rather than ads displayed through a search engine. Continue reading

Investment Opportunities in Gaming: The What and When

As you take your daily commute to work how many people do you see hunched over or zealously tapping away on their Smartphones and tablets? Can you count them off on your hands alone? When was the last time you set foot in a gaming café/hangout and heard crickets? Continue reading