What is the Difference between Hybrid & Native Apps?

Why is it important to know the difference between hybrid and native apps? Because making the wrong move could result in wasted time and energy. Lots of it. Two of the most common and trendy approaches to mobile app building today are hybrid and native. Continue reading

Flying High on the Cloud – The Latest Rage in the Wireless World

Every workplace today is crawling with ultra-fast computers and other goodies to speed up tasks and get to the end goal in one piece. Ever find yourself trying to milk out strategies to share all hardware and software resources in one place? This can certainly prove to be a tedious task, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be: the cloud understands that. Continue reading

Mobile Transforming Banking amid Fraud Concerns

Mobile has revolutionized how business is done in many sectors, including banking. Given its very nature, banking and financial services should be concerned about the kind of attacks and frauds they’re susceptible to, which also seem to be evolving steadily as we speak. Continue reading

5 Ways Facebook Changed the Face of Gaming

Social gaming – the mere mention of it makes console gaming vets cringe and moan with disapproval. Has ten years of social gaming on Facebook entertained us with nothing more than the ‘unbelievable’ ability to share cows or crush candy? Continue reading