Our Top 7 Apps Picks – April Issue #2

We thought we’d make our end-April issue a little exclusive and focused towards SME mobile apps.

Check out our top seven app picks to boost productivity, help devise better business strategies, and improve security within your SME. Continue reading

Your One-stop Guide to Developing an Android Wear App

The exciting new Android Wear is a technological marvel that lets you enjoy certain Android phone perks on your wrist.

Released last year, Android Wear as been getting quite the attention, from both consumers and aspiring devs. If you fall in the latter category and wish to understand how to have your application ready to exploit a new and innovative way of getting users to interact with contextual information, this article is for you. Continue reading

Learn How to Build a Beautiful Mobile App

When it comes to making a drop dead gorgeous app, less really is more. Simplicity sells. Though it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options at your disposal and the different approaches you can experiment with. Not to mention how many guides you’d come across after just your first search query on the web.

All this can be a little too much to digest, especially if you’re a novice developer. Want to create intuitive, attention-grabbing apps and don’t know where to begin? Take these design tips into consideration. Continue reading

Building World-beating Apps is Our Business

Ah, trips down memory lane. Gotta love em’!

We started off as a humble Washington D.C. based mobile start-up in 2009. Today, we collaborate with well over 300 clients from 30 countries, ranging from start ups, to enterprises and a few Fortune 500 firms. It’s been quite the journey, to say the least. Continue reading

Harness the Power of Google Plus Local for Better Business

Back in the good ol’ days of just plain ol’ websites, the general idea revolved around having a portal where most small companies could be easily found. Competition wasn’t as fierce, and all you did was create a website, let your friends and acquaintances know, and traffic would eventually come flooding through the front door. Continue reading

Huge Benefits the Aerospace Industry Can Reap by Going Mobile

A Head-on Approach to Overcoming Challenges

Safety is priority no.1 in the aerospace industry. Rather than productivity, the key focus is on traceability, maintenance and quality – these components tied together warrant the need to protect passengers, manufacturers and airlines purchasing those aircrafts. Continue reading

Our Top 7 Apps Picks – April Issue #1

Spring is upon us! Tis’ a glorious season indeed, though some of us are already getting used to the warm and humid weather that follows. Have some cold lemonade to take your mind off the humid spell and enjoy the first half of our top 7 app picks this month. Continue reading

How Do You Combat Fraud in the Mobile App Industry?

The app economy hasn’t fully matured; much like the internet fifteen years back, everyone wants a slice of the mobile pie, and get rich quickly in the process. Unfortunately this has led to many shady practices employed by sinister characters who are out to cheat the system by profiting through illegitimate channels. Continue reading

Why You Absolutely Need an App to Represent Your Business

It’s time. It’s time to seriously consider building a unique app that compliments your brand and its vision.

You must be thinking: “Aren’t mobile apps solely for big shot business brands like Walmart or Starbucks?” Well, you need to get out of that mindset, and fast. Today, more small to medium businesses are jumping on the mobile bandwagon, fathoming the positive effects it has on company image and long-term prospects. Continue reading

The Mobile App Development Economy: Trends Worth Mentioning

As we speak, things in the mobile app development economy are indeed exciting, with evolving trends that continue to top the charts. In 2014, we witnessed the mobile app market maturing like a fine wine – given the widespread adoption of tablets and smartphones, wearable devices and IoTs (Internet of Things) have been the talk of town lately. Continue reading