Why You Need to be on SAAS Irrespective of Your Business Model

If you’re not already aware of this, then you ought to be: SAAS, also known as Software-as-a-service or Software-in-the-cloud is becoming a widely popular choice for a range of businesses, including small to medium enterprises (SME).

Let’s discuss why this trend has become so popular for businesses which use it to offer a diverse variety of applications delivered through the cloud. Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Every Small Business Owner Should Go Mobile

Are you a small to medium business enterprise (SME) who’s still putting off devising a solid mobile strategy for your business?

If you are, simply put, you’re on the losing end. Mobile is not only the future, it’s the “now”. Countless studies abound, talk among tech circles point to mobile’s phenomenal growth and there’s no stopping it. Mind you, this doesn’t even take into account the emerging wearable market. Continue reading

How Mobile Apps Are Raising the Bar for Hotel Owners

The mobile technology revolution has transformed the way we live and perform day to day tasks both at home and at work. Many opportunities are to be had for practically every kind of business.

Consumers everywhere are spending many hours on their smartphones, engrossed in transactions, buying stuff, playing games or simply booking a room. If you’re not mobile, you’re simply stuck in the “old days”. It is estimated that by 2017, practically anybody who’s online will be either using a smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for desktop PCs and laptops. Continue reading

10 Outdoor Mobile Apps to Make That Great Outdoors Trip a Memorable One

The whole idea of “the great outdoors” is to get away from your cooped up routine at home or the workplace, and hit the ol’ reset button by establishing that wonderful bond with nature.

No matter what we do, where we go, an app or two always seems to pop up to make our lives just a little more fun, convenient and at times, really practical. Continue reading

3 Customer Service Hacks to Boost Relationships, Sales and Growth

Let’s cut to the chase: you’re not going to read about any vague or useless tips on improving your customer service here. Neither will you come across any ambiguous catchphrases.

We’re going to talk about real, concrete and actionable tips you can use to boost growth, leverage sales and cement relationships with your customers. Continue reading

Why All SMEs Should Invest in Mobile Apps – Hard Facts

To kick things off, here’s an interesting fun fact for you:

As of early this year, 82% SMEs (small to medium enterprises) leading in terms of mobile adoption claim that due to mobile technologies they are finding it easier to reach out to customers. 60% mobile leaders say investing in mobile tech is a high business priority for them, in contrast to only 15% among mobile laggards. Continue reading

Focus 2015: Five Mobile App Development Trends

Your smartphone is the one thing you instinctively reach for every time you want to shop online, order pizza or even signal a cab. It is glued to you for life, and there are hardly any smartphone-free individuals you’ll come across today.

With the way things are, there’s no stopping the evolution in mobile app development. It would be interesting to see how some top trends are going to shape up mobile app development in 2015. Continue reading