Mobile Application Technology is Transforming the Automobile Industry!

Transforming, not Transformers… but we’re getting close!

As connected, in-vehicle mobile applications are becoming essential need to car buyers’ purchasing decision; it’s time for automobile companies to think more like Smartphone suppliers.

USA Today’s Report Says, “Automakers are rushing to offer Mobile Apps in Cars”

We build enterprise and utility mobile apps for Automobile industry

  • Mobile Navigation applications
  • Voice recognition applications
  • GPS applications
  • Facebook applications
  • Music play applications
  • Radio play applications
  • Parking place Finder applications
  • Driving safety applications
  • Automatic phone locking application
  •  Weather and traffic alert applications
  •  Fuel consumption applications
  •  Dealer/service/maintenance location applications

Social Cubix developed an application for Suzuki Motors and get Overwhelming response.

  • Application received 450,000 entries
  • Application made brand understand how they are rated in the market
  • Age and Other Demographics identification
  • Users became brand advocates
  • Exceptional marketing value for Suzuki as a company

We believe that, in the future, the most successful automobile manufacturers will be those that transform themselves more like high-technology companies.

Invest in compelling Car Application Development to enrich the user’s experience and to gain loyal customers.

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