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10 Outdoor Mobile Apps to Make That Great Outdoors Trip a Memorable One

The whole idea of “the great outdoors” is to get away from your cooped up routine at home or the workplace, and hit the ol’ reset button by establishing that wonderful bond with nature.

No matter what we do, where we go, an app or two always seems to pop up to make our lives just a little more fun, convenient and at times, really practical.

Just don’t leave your Smartphone behind at the last minute, as we bring you up to speed on some well-known and exciting outdoor apps.

MapMyHike – Android, iOS

Developed by the MapMyFitness guys, MapMyHike makes use of your Smartphone’s sensors to keep a check on your hiking route, info on distance, pace, route navigation and caloric expenditure – right at your fingertips.


Not only can you log your own hikes, but you also get to download nearby routes. Dish out $6 and you get customized audio training cues and Live Track – share your location in real time with friends and family.

MotionX GPS –iOS

A navigation app, MotionX GPS is really going to strike a chord if you happen to be a fitness buff and outdoor sportsman. Looking for an ideal destination or tracks to test your outdoorsman skills? Download road and terrain maps along with NOAA marine charts and plenty of search options to do just that.


Follow pre-determined routes or forge your own, using the waypoint and track recording function.

First Aid – American Red Cross – Android, iOS

Sometimes the great outdoors have a way of catching you off-guard which is why this app comes to the rescue, almost literally; at your disposal is basic first-aid info on injuries, burns and other emergencies that might arise due to unforeseen circumstances.


Dive into the “Learn” mode where you get to read on a particular injury and how to treat it using first aid. There’s a Q&A section, and an Emergency mode gives away extra info while providing very specific first aid instructions on one page, often accompanied by diagrams and clips. A single-button shortcut to 911 is of great use as well.

SAS Survival Guide – Android, iOS

For a nominal $6 fee, this app gives you complete text of the original book, now optimized for mobile usage. Topics include first aid info in detail, as well as basic and advanced survival techniques.


If that weren’t useful enough, there are photos of medicinal, edible and poisonous plants. Think back to Into The Wild; how we wish the poor fella was using some of these exciting outdoor apps!

Tiny Flashlight + LED & Flashlight- Android, iOS

Venturing in the great outdoors, there’s no guarantee you won’t be in a situation where the lights might quit on you. Although the likelihood may or may not be very high, this app uses your phone’s screen or cam flash to illuminate surroundings.


Apart from the basic lighting, use a strobe-light patter, or if the going gets really tough, you can use a text to Morse code to signal for help.

Project Noah – iOS

Ever feel like showing your exciting wildlife encounters to friends and family? Photos of plants and animals serve as a field guide which can be filtered according to recent sightings near your current location.


Upload your wildlife and exotic plants photos and tag them so they can be viewed by fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Project Noah is a great way to educate kids about the natural world. The “Field Missions” sections lets environmental organizations ask you for gathered data and even assign a project.

Star Walk – Android, iOS

Ever wondered what the sky used to look like? This very special app marks planets, starts, constellations and satellites coupled with an easy-on-the-eyes night mode and a time machine feature that allows you to do just that.


Get in touch with the star-gazing community, dig up know-how on celestial events and view some really stunning photos of constellations.

Yonder – Android, iOS

Exploring scenic locations and trekking along exotic locales, somewhat gives you bragging rights, doesn’t it? Yonder not only lets you discover great locations but also share those outdoor adventures.


Hunt for picturesque mountain bike rides and road trips or kayaking areas. Go right ahead and put up your experiences on Yonder for all to see.

You will never run out of places to visit as there are over 20,000 destinations to explore.

Oakley Surf Report – Android, iOS

Surf’s up dude! No surfer should be without this one: this Surfline-powered app gives you a heads up on the latest surf conditions as reported by the Oakley Surf Report.


Why flirt with danger? Info on wave heights, swell direction and tidal reports all allow you to monitor conditions in order to hit the waves at just the right time. Look at thousands of beaches and bookmark preferred surfing locations. Interact with other surfers in the area and rally up to meet at the best surfing spots.

GoSkyWatch PlanetariumiOS

Ever find yourself looking up at those gorgeous constellations and wishing you knew what they were called? Point your phone straight at the heavens and this app beams down stick figure constellations represented in breathtaking drawings.

Exciting outdoor apps are really changing the way we see our world. Pay us a visit and let us know how we can fine-tune your app.

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