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10 Super Duper Features We Simply Love about iOS 8

The new iPhone 6 and Plus model has folks huddled up and buzzing away in every tech corner.. All iPhone 4 and post-iPhone 4 builds will be getting a taste of the new iOS 8. If Apple’s already rich party-app ecosystem weren’t enough to please your senses, major improvements are heading your way.

Let’s take a look at ten iOS 8 features that are taking your iPhone experience to a new level of exciting possibilities.

Type at Your Pace

Why should Android users only get to choose the type of keyboard they use? Download Apple’s keyboard which lets you choose exactly how you want to type. The default layout is getting a facelift as well, accompanied by contextual and predictive texting – you get suggestions depending on the kind of person you’re communicating with.

It doesn’t end here; iPhone 6 Plus users get to enjoy extra space. You get dedicated tabs for copy, cut and paste.

Next Level Spotlight Search

Apple’s iOS 7 already had a great Spotlight Search feature that would let you easily find apps. iOS 8 lets you do much more. Whether its restaurants you’re looking for, landmarks, music or the latest stories, one swipe and you get whatever you need, from the very same bar.

Everybody Loves a Good Snap

You’re really in for a treat if you happen to own the improved iSight camera. Even if you don’t, the photo features in iOS 8, putting it mildly, are breathtaking.

The Photo app’s functionality has been improved to straighten pictures automatically. Adjust attributes like exposure, shadows, and lighting with better editing tools with a few taps.

Apps will soon be offering better camera prowess as software will lay bare tweaks that let you set ISO and adjust focus according to your liking.

Keeping That Jumbled Mess at Bay

Get carried away and your text conversation can start to resemble symbols of a strange and ancient Incan dialect. iOS 8 comes to the rescue. Give your group chats a group name and remove or add users from the conversation at will.

For those of you who found text sharing a bit of a chore, you can shoot a clip of yourself to act as a homing beacon for friends, or simply broadcast your location at a mere tap.

Sharing is Caring

Apple knows; they always do. They know that some families may end up having several iOS devices, which is why sharing content between those devices is as easy as cake. The Family Sharing function lets you share content using iTunes, the App Store and iBooks between six unique Apple accounts.

These iOS 8 features just make life a whole lot more fun, don’t they? Your family members share calendars and photo albums to make sure everybody is in on it.

One for the Control Freak

When it comes to Smart Home integration, Apple is right there at the forefront. The Homekit feature lets home appliance manufacturers make iOS-compatible gadgets; Withings and Philips are already on the Smart Home bandwagon.

Picture this for a moment: you use your iPhone to switch the lights on or get to open the garage door with a quick tap, sometime in the near future. No iPhone user would want to pass up on this. A few Smart Home gadgets will also be integrated to work with Apple Watch.

Adding a Little Zing to Your Notifications

Do you want to tuck away your Flappy Bird (also try Swing Drop) app just because you’re Aunt Agatha is trying to get through to you with a mammoth text message? You probably don’t, and you don’t have to; drop down notifications come with actions that let you reply to messages, retweet all you want, or accept an invitation. No need to switch between apps.

Thanks to iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, your iPhone will connect seamlessly with a Mac. The handoff feature lets you write emails or text messages on your phone which can be finished on your MacBook, or the other way around. Sync them up, and you can make calls from your Mac.

For the Fitness Buff in You

A new Health app will allow you to keep a check on your daily fitness, sleep habits and nutrition. If you fall ill, a digital emergency card can be had from the lock screen.

A larger HealthKit interface serves as a streamlined hub, acquired from your apps and fitness gadgets. Cough up $350 and Apple Watch unveils even more goodies from the Health app.

We All Love Siri

Siri, your virtual voice assistant, returns to the cavalry of great iOS 8 features and gets a major boost. A simple “Hey Siri” activates hands-free and your companion instantly recognizes Shazam songs. Use your voice to purchase iTunes tracks.

These features are also going to give developers a gateway to making some really meaty apps. Read more here.

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