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2013 will be the Year of Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobile Softwares2012 has been a phenomenal year for the tech industry. Sectors like banking, retail, healthcarecand many others have undertaken serious initiatives to go for mobile solutions. Everywhere you look, you see companies arming their human resources with miniaturized gadgets for dispensing essential services and functions. Be it ensuring consumer loyalty, efficiency and productivity, enterprise mobility is everywhere.

Even though 2012 has been the year when various industries opted to go mobile, 2013 is looking as the year where enterprise mobility will become a potent force.

Here’s why:

enterprise mobile developmentThere’s a Wide Demand for Mobile Enterprise Apps

Companies that develop dedicated desktop enterprise solutions are now splitting their focus onto mobile versions of the same. The modern day office worker is always on the move and organizations are making hoping to make a seamless transition towards a more mobile workplace. Mobile enterprise apps will be able to integrate processes, products and people for business firms. These mobile apps will make use of Platform as a Service (PaaS) methodologies. This will allow enterprises to set up and deploy their operations in an increasingly mobile environment.

Towards a More Tablet-Oriented Culture

The Tablets have invaded. Their mobility has made them an extremely versatile tool in today’s world. Medical practitioners, financial analysts and many more people can leverage its utility for highly specialized real-world applications. Its importance in the corporate world can’t be underestimated.

Mobile Device Management will become Big

The single biggest threat against the widespread adoption of mobile enterprise solutions can be summed up in one word – security. Companies have in general, shied away from hosting critical corporate data on mobile devices.

But all this will change as data security firms are increasingly focusing on Mobile Device Management technologies. In 2013, more and more companies will be investing in MDM solutions in order to secure mobile corporate users. A recent study suggests that 65 % of enterprises over the next 5 years will invest in MDM solutions.

Augmented Reality Apps for Enterprises

We’ve seen apps with location-based and navigational functions that classify themselves as Augmented Reality (AR) apps. For the corporate environment, a new generation of AR apps that make use of image recognition technologies will become commonplace.

The applications of enterprise AR apps are virtually limitless – be it in schools, media, healthcare and entertainment, etc.

Mobile Devices as Digital Wallets

Passbook, Square, Google Wallet – all of these cards-less payment solutions will make use of mobile devices with NFC (near-field) technology. Widespread adoption of this technology will essentially eliminate the need for carrying cash.
Compare these stats. In 2012, mobile remote commerce accounted for $11 billion. In 2016, it is projected to grow to $45 billion, a four-time increase!

These are some of the reasons why enterprise mobility will go on to define 2013. As a topnotch smartphone and tablet apps developer, Social Cubix can help deliver professionally designed and customised enterprise solutions for your business.

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