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3 Customer Service Hacks to Boost Relationships, Sales and Growth

Let’s cut to the chase: you’re not going to read about any vague or useless tips on improving your customer service here. Neither will you come across any ambiguous catchphrases.

We’re going to talk about real, concrete and actionable tips you can use to boost growth, leverage sales and cement relationships with your customers.

A Load off “Their” Shoulders


What steps do your customers need to take to have an issue resolved or undertake an action? Do what you can to cut down those steps and reduce the distance between point A and B.

For example, do they need to click on a link or fill up a form to update their account? Do it FOR them. Is there something they want to return to you? Be kind and generous: send the shipping label. Oh, here’s a crowd favorite: what steps do they need to take in order to troubleshoot an issue? Use Skype or Hangouts to set up a screen share. Walk them through it. There you have it.

The trick is to go out of your way to reduce their effort, even before the need arises for them to ask you.

Reciprocity Increases Retention


Reciprocity is a psychological concept that’s a force to be reckoned with. Someone does nice things for us, we return the favor, and, vice versa if they’re not good to us. A blatantly simple concept, isn’t it? What we don’t stop to think about is the prominent role it plays in our everyday lives.

Try this as an experiment: if you happen to know a friend who’s a restaurant owner (get creative and ask them to put you in touch with one if they’re not), ask them to direct the waiters to give away free candy bars when they give customers their checks.

Odds are 9 times out of 10, the tips will start to go up. Try increasing the number of candy bars with each check, and I’m 100% certain the tips will go even higher. Why are we running this little experiment to begin with?

To demonstrate the power reciprocity holds. What’s the best way to implement this in your product? Think about the kind of “chocolate bars” your customers might appreciate. A free guide perhaps, a credit to their name, eBook on the house, the possibilities are quite diverse.

The surprise doesn’t have to be very big, but a “nice” one. Give it away at the very end of your support interactions, and your customers will gladly oblige and reciprocate by not only being nice, but doing nice things for you too.

Doing it Ol’school


Since you’re running a mobile business, the only way customers expect to communicate with you is either through notifications, push messages or on occasion, emails. This is where it all begins and ends as far as active communication goes.

Why don’t you break the digital mode of communication, for a change? How do you think customers will react when you talk to them through more traditional channels?

Compared to an email, consider how a personalized, hand-written note feels when you sit down to read it? Think about how a customer would feel when he/she sees that you took time out just for them to address their concern.

One way you could implement this is by thanking customers for being with you for a long time, or asking them to exclusively try out a new product and service. YES, email and all the other digital channels are cheaper and faster, but sometimes it can really pay to do it old school.

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