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5 Apps to Boost Grey Matter Horsepower

We all need to stay sharp. Whether it’s doing better at school, performing better as an athlete, excelling at our job, or just getting more out of life – maintaining good psychological and mental health is the key to finding happiness and contentment, as well as performing well in a variety of professional and personal roles.

Brainteaser apps arrive at the mobile app stores on a daily basis, laying claims to boost memory, I.Q or cognitive skills. They’re fun to play, sure, they’re also mentally stimulating. But how many of them actually improve mental prowess over time?

There’s no perfect app out there yet, that’s really capable of unleashing the full potential of your brain – recall the Scarlett Johansson movie if you must, although that isn’t really connected to apps in any way. However, these apps can equip you better at performing certain day-to-day tasks as new neural pathways are established. Who says playing videogames (in controlled doses) isn’t healthy?

Personal Zen


Follow two animated characters burrowing through rustling grass, one which looks calm and friendly, while the other looks somewhat irate. The game cuts down anxiety by honing your mind to focus less on the downside and more on the upside.

When you see the world in a positive light, and try to seek the silver lining in every adverse situation, you can affectively improve your own resilience. These are Dr. Dennis’ thoughts, the game developer.

A single session can build your resilience for a number of hours. It is suggested that you use the app right before a stressful event, although 10 minutes a day can build lasting positive effects.



You might have heard of this app as its popularity continues to grow. Lumosity’s 3-game sessions are split to match your goals: processing speed, memory, problem solving, attention, thinking or flexibility. It’s a race against time as games are changed every time.

According to the game devs, one session each day can boost mental skills. Users can also track progress and compare their performance with others.

Brain Trainer Special


Similar to Lumosity, this app has games where you’re required to memorize phone number and letter sequences, as well as solve various math problems in order to keep your grey matter performing in tip-top shape.

Set difficulty level according to what mental challenges you’re willing to overcome.



Is it really possible to train your mind to be happier? Actually it is: research shows there are certain activities that help you fight off negative thoughts, handle stress, show gratitude and improve your ability to empathize, all of which are needed to enjoy a fuller life.

Employing fundamentals of positive psychology – focusing on abilities, strengths and principles to enrich your life – the app’s polls, gratitude journal, quizzes, and a positive community, teach users how to incorporate life-changing and positive habits.

The more skills you build, the more the app has you smiling all day.

Fit Brains Trainer


The app’s 360 games and puzzles take you through tasks that improve mental acuity. Sessions get progressively harder as you improve your game, and always challenge you enough to provide a good mental workout.

Check your progress and performance tools as the app offers training recommendations for optimum results.

Keeping your brain sharp, your nerves calm and having a feeling of purpose and social connection is what we all strive for. Even though these apps are good stress relievers and improve cognitive abilities somewhat, actually being happy is something you will eventually have to find yourself, rather than relying solely on an app.

What has your experience been using brain-boosting apps? Leave your comments below or talk to us directly.

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