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5 Great Ways to Design Your App for Today’s Tech-savvy User

Creating a great app is a lot like engineering an automobile: it involves great attention to detail to ensure all moving parts are grinding away smoothly in unison.

Every time users download apps for their preferred Smartphone, all they want is to make life easier in some shape or form, a means or gateway to fewer complications, and getting more done in less time. However, most of us app users end up getting disappointed. Why? Many developers are not really on the same boat when it comes to getting the basics of user-experience right.

The next-gen user does not believe in app fandom, and is always on the lookout for apps to get through their day faster. They want nothing more than convenience, simplicity and accessibility, all wrapped up in one finely-tuned package.

As a developer, you need to hone in on these basic needs and deliver a user experience that will inspire for years to come. Here are some tips to ensure you get it right in the preliminary phase.

1. Features Ahoy!

A great app has no doubt enticing features, though you need to carefully consider which ones are absolutely crucial, and then there are those your users could probably do without. However, that’s not to say you won’t make your app future proof.

It’s good practice to have select features that can be integrated effectively when the time comes, although it’s quite easy to get caught in that “the more the merrier” rut. More is not always necessarily better, and you definitely do not want users to feel overwhelmed. Stick to the theme of your app, while the features you have hand-picked, should revolve only around that theme.

Besides, you can always throw in additional features later, once you better understand your customers’ usage patterns.

2. Smooth and Easy Navigation

Easy navigation is a lot like seamlessly moving from one room to the next in your house. Similarly, users ought to enjoy ease-of-use in a way so as to make navigating from one screen to the next, or from feature to feature, a breeze. A good chunk of creating a great app involves making this flow of navigation easy enough for even a 4 year old who requires no parental intervention.

Make navigation intuitive and cut down the learning curve as much as you can. There you have it.

3. Get to know Your User

Knowing your Audience
A major chunk of improving the customer experience depends on how well you know your user base. Tap into profile specifics such as gender, cultural orientation, age group, how they see or make use of technology etc.

The navigation and feature access will naturally differ when it comes to apps targeted towards 5-10 year olds as opposed to adults in the corporate world. Consider ideal button size or easy tapping inputs instead of swipes, for example.

4. Platform Optimization

Platforms like Android or iOS make use of different gesture-based inputs. Swipes in either direction can add or remove content. Pinching zooms in or out of the content you’re viewing.

The very purpose and nature of your app governs the kind of navigation you’ll incorporate; take advantage of the specific gestures or input methods the platform offers.

5. Trust – A Precious Commodity

When it comes to user privacy, transparency is the key. Make do with the least amount of information that’s needed. For instance, if a customer’s name and email address alone gets the job done, no other additional details are needed. The last thing you want is your customers worrying about spam or privacy issues.

It’s generally not advisable to upload content to your users’ devices without their prior consent. Also not recommended is spamming your user with push notifications or too many emails. The only exception being, if you feel these emails might improve the overall experience in a major way. Even then, provide the option to opt in or out.

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