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5 Top-notch Resources for Multi-platform Mobile App Development

Most developers today understand what a painstaking and cumbersome task mobile app development on multiple platforms can be. Every platform presents to you a set of hurdles and challenges on a nice and shiny silver platter. You’re potentially dealing with unique capabilities, behavior and features for each one.

Multi-platform apps are all the rage these days. Staying current on resources for mobile app development is a top priority for every app developer. It also pays to give heed to the fact that you must roll out apps which function smoothly on all platforms.

Ride high on the multi-platform app development wave using some of the best tools to carve out your dream app; below are some of our top picks.


At your disposal are a host of apps to accommodate clients, employees, brochures and events. Work your way from there, either making use of the web toolkit or let TheAppBuilder define the parameters and structure of your app, as you load it up with content.

The AppLibrary gives your users access to several apps where you can customize this channel with your own unique branding. Use the Active Directory feature which lets users login with unique user groups and credentials.

One click and you get to make unlimited updates. All updates go live in a minute or less. Native iPad, iPhone and Android are supported.

Appy Pie

A cloud powered mobile app, Appy Pie lets you develop apps for Android, Windows and iOS, after which they can be published on iTunes or Google Play. All you have to do is drag and drop pages and your app is ready. Once you’re past this phase, you get a hybrid app running under HTML-5 which works on all formats, including Blackberry.

Revisions are live; send push notifications, view live analytics, track location via GPS or monetize with ads. If that weren’t enough, you can integrate blogs, websites, social media updates, radio, audio and much more.


Are you among the ranks of passionate game developers looking for worthwhile resources for mobile app development? Publish games for multiple platforms including OS X, HTML5, Android and iOS. The drag-and-drop interface is an absolute breeze.

The bulk of your creative game development juices are going to be spent with the Game Creator which lets you set up actors in a particular scene, as you create certain images, attributes and sounds. As an added plus, you have access to a community forum which connects you with budding game designers.

Thanks to a recent collaboration with Amazon, GameSalad unveils certain development features which give you freedom to optimize your apps for Kindle Fire.


A very popular app development platform, AppMakr can be used to carve out apps in Android, iOS and HTM5. Take advantage of unlimited general updates, push notifications, live updates, hi-res photo galleries, chat rooms, Google Maps, video streaming and a whole lot more.

Keeping track of your apps is plain easy – use the Dashboard to customize the functionality and interface of your app. The click of a button gives you real time previews of your app, in addition to adding content and publishing it in your desired niche.


You just cannot go wrong with BiznessApps – a host of features including shopping cart, food ordering, dynamic content, loyalty programs, support for third parties, comprehensive analytics and push notifications just to name a few.

Create an app in a jiffy, using the simple-to-use content management system. Use your own designs or customize what and when you wish, with the aid of pre-built designs. As with many other app developing tools, BiznessApps provides live previews of your progress.

Access to several hundred tutorial articles and weekly webinars make the entire process even more fun and accessible.

Updated on October 15, 2014


If you’re a small business looking to create your own mobile apps, you’re in luck: BuildFire lets you develop apps by yourself or have one of its app developers work the magic, absolutely free.

If you’re feeling adventurous, the DIY route involves using the “click and edit” dashboard, which is essentially a code-free platform that empowers you to create high quality apps in literally minutes. You can easily change designs, layouts, content, colors and much more.

Alternatively, have one of BuildFire’s app developers work on your stuff, in which case simply enter your app’s URL and it gets published in no more than two working days.

To learn more about the ins and outs of effective resources for mobile app development, talk to us, tell us about your projects or simply let us know your thoughts on the subject.

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