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6 Reasons Why Most Mobile Apps Fail

There may be many reasons why your app fails. It could be a flawless app, with a prominent purpose and guarantees a valid solution, yet it fails to see the day and receives heart achingly low downloads. What could be the main factors that could be causing your app to sink? Let’s review.

  1. Lacking relevance: If your app doesn’t have a valid problem solving purpose and professes to solve a lot, chances are it won’t stand strong. Focus on one solid solution of your app and market it accordingly.
  2. Unidentified Audience: Not knowing your specific target audience will make it less focused and less usable. Understanding your target market better, their needs and usability will not only make the functionality of your app stronger, the problems it will solve ultimately making your app stand out from competitive market.
  3. Losing out in competition: Having an edge is most crucial in a sea of app world. Analyze the purpose of your app, study your competition better and work on the areas where you feel can better. Cover loopholes, tweak up UI, increase tools, efficiency and affordability. If you aren’t better than your competition, there isn’t a need for you to even have an app up in the market.
  4. Weak marketing strategy: You’ve worked on your app for months, re-worked on the development, tweaked up its UI twenty times and ultimately launch it and wait. What you should be expecting is a no show. By now only half your work is done, if you don’t let the world know about how awesome and revolutionary your app is, people won’t have a revelation that it exists. So go out there and brag about it till you drop dead.
  5. Poor visual appeal: If your app doesn’t look pretty it won’t arrest users. A dull UI will bore the viewers and chances are they wouldn’t even pause for a second to see its purpose. Cast a hypnotic impression. Doll up the screen shot of your UI to wow the tech snobs.
  6. Adapt quickly: If you aren’t closely following the market trends, your app will fall short of its effectiveness. Mobile market is constantly on the change and if you need to constantly update and improvise. If you are flexible and constantly tweaking up your software in accordance to the market trends you are invariable increasing its relevance and making your app sharp. Be ready for your changes in your software and act accordingly. Close analysis and carefully incorporated alterations will bring your app up on the rise. Be flexible and stay sharp.


The above reasons if looked into can save a lot of hassle. When you put so much effort into creating your app why not cover all the loopholes and ensure your app stays fail proof.  Stay alert, think quickly and work an extra mile. With added competition you need to put in a little extra attention to generate a chart topping app. Persistence is the key!

  • http://www.DataScopic.net/ Oz

    Great post!
    I’m glad you mention the marketing piece. People have fantastic ideas and may have something that’s original and needed but, if they don’t have a marketing plan … a marketing plan (and a budget and connections) specifically for marketing an app … it’s best to just leave it alone.

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