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A Halloween with Spooky Android Apps

Images of ghouls got you scared? Scared of venturing out because your friends tell that there’s a werewolf on the prowl? Blame a Halloween app for that. Or better yet, fight back with these Android apps for Halloween.

Here some chill-inducing Android apps that will get you in the spooky Halloween mood in no time:

Ghost Camera Pro

ghost camera pro app developersFool your friends by superimposing ghosts on that snapshot you just took. Ultimately an app that is useless yet fun. Good for a scare or two.

Ultimate Horror Sensation Quiz

ultimate horror sensation quiz developers
Want to impress your friends and peers with quirky Halloween factoids and funny quizzes? Then this Android app is for you. Get up to speed with classic horror tales and movies in no time with the Halloween themed quizzes this app offers. Compete with your friends for Halloween knowledge.

100 Floors

100 floor game developers
This mindbogglingly fun puzzle game gets a Halloween extras thrown in. The game consists of 100 floors each with their unique puzzles to solve. Try solving some of the brain-twisting levels with the help of a friend while you devour the candies after a trick-or-treat run. This free –to-play Android game comes with 15 more Halloween themed levels. Highly recommended.

Halloween Party Pack

Halloween Party Pack Developers
Get into the Halloween groove with this Android app that includes killer tunes to rock to. Classics such as ‘Thriller’ ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’ and more for the low price of $1. Grab it and let your Halloween party go on.

Halloween Soundboard

Halloween Soundboard Developers
Last but not the least, this is the Android app you should absolutely have. Scaring your friends and becoming a prankster on Halloween doesn’t get easier than this. Halloween Soundboard gives you access to blood-curdling werewolf howls to witch screams to monster sounds. If you want to rasie some hell with hair-raising stuff, get this app today.

SO there you have it, a round-up of Halloween themed apps for Android. If you want to make one of the most scare-inducing apps, may we suggest calling up the ghoulish-minded Android app developers of Social Cubix today?

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