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A Quick Recap of Mobile Development in 2012

top mobile app developer-2012The mobile phone industry has revolutionized this year quite remarkably, introducing to us many new features in terms of HTML5 based app development tools, updated operating systems for the iphone and android platforms and introduced us with new smartphones, tablets across different platforms.

Besides this people also got to witness a major standoff between Apple and Samsung this year which sparked much tension between the two smartphone giants.

We here at Social Cubix therefore are going to highlight the major events that taken place this year which changed our thinking towards mobile phone development.mobile developer 2012Blackberry and Android make Advancements

It was in June this year which brought forth some major changes starting with Google introducing the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS.

Around the same time Blackberry also started to introduce its new SDK to developers so that they get interested in developing for the upcoming Blackberry 10.

In August we witnessed one of the most astounding of shocks when Apple went on to successfully win its lawsuit over Samsung. The later went on to pay $1 billion in terms of patent infringement.iphone developer 2012Apples Races to Move on Top

Apple made major advancements in the month of September where it introduced iOS 6 to compete with androids jelly bean OS. In the same month they also went on to drop using Google Maps on the iOS 6 which featured TomTom instead.

The cherry on the cake for Apple was when it launched the iphone 5 in September which went on to break many records for the fastest selling smartphone in history. In October Apple also launched the new ipad mini.windows phone developer-2012Microsoft Joins the Race as Well

October was the month of redemption for Microsoft which was literally being clobbered by the progressive growth of both Apple and Android.

They went on to surprise everyone first by releasing Windows 8 after which we saw them introduce the Windows Phone 8, which is said spark up the market.What the Future Holds?

It has been predicted that 2013 will be the year where the most mobile phones will be sold with predictions that around seven connected devices are going to emerge mainly in North America and Europe.

Social Cubix is in this regard has a team of talented and skilled professionals who carry out development process for different platforms. We are aware of the latest developments in the industry and always move in accordance with the market.

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