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App Discovery –Three Tips from Social Cubix (App Development Experts)

You may have a brilliant app up and running, but is it getting the attention it deserves? How exactly are you promoting it? With over 600,000 apps on iTunes and 450,000 on Google Play, how do you plan on getting your application on top search results? Social Cubix has been receiving and responding to countless such queries over the past couple of years, and we’ve decided to share the top 3 pieces of advice that we have to offer on this common concern about apps getting the limelight they deserve.

Throw in Some SEO Magic

SEO is not just limited to search engines; its basic concepts apply on to app stores as well. Your audience should be able to reach your application through a specific set of keywords. For example, to play a basketball game, they will search for keywords such as, “free basketball game” or, “iPhone basketball game” and other related phrases. If you don’t optimize your app to respond to these key searches, you will be losing out on a great deal of traffic.

Add in images, alt text and descriptions of your application with the specific keyword so that it has more chances of appearing on the top. You can also make use of the ASO tool also known as the App Store Optimization that is designed especially for app based SEO optimization.

Social Media Glory

Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn….just nail em all! These are power houses for online marketing, without which it would be extremely difficult for you to create awareness. Post online reviews of the app, create advertisement and campaigns and most importantly make use of mobile PPC because users are more prone to clicking ads on their mobiles rather than on a desktop.

Social media campaigns should be well thought out with special focus on interactive content and the best time to post that content. Get your content viral on Facebook through various quizzes, sweepstakes and other promotional techniques.

Blogosphere Arena

You can write articles or reviews about your app and have them posted at various blog arenas designed especially for writing mobile app reviews. Other than that, you can use Tumblr, Google blogspot, WordPress and many other free services for creating awareness about your application. Remember that these articles will get you traffic, recognition and create a fan following (if you have good content) all of which are sure ways to get your app the needed attention.

By the way, Social Cubix is not only your awesome app developer but is also your social media strategist. So feel free to contact us and let us help you go through with an app development as well as marketing process? Need to know more? Give us a call at 866-978-2220

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