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Attack of the Androids: Ushering in the Age of the Android!

The Android OS, sent by Google to conquer the world, has successfully infiltrated the hearts and minds of Americans, as it has become the top platform for smart phones in the U.S. According to comScore’s mobile market report, Android recently beat out the competition in the polls accounting for 31.2% of smart phones in the U.S, while RIM (Black Berry OS)and Apple account for 30.4% and 24.7% respectively. Another report by Nielsen, places both RIM and Apple at 27% with Android still reigning supreme with the majority 29%.

What Makes the Little Green Robot so Popular?
This is the question that many are asking and the answer is simple but we’ll get to that later. First let’s engage in a brief history lesson.

The year is 2003 and Andy Rubin along with a few others, have founded a mobile software development company called Android. Two years later, internet giant, Google, buys the little known company in an attempt to extend their empire from the internet to the mobile market. Traveling forward in yesteryear, we fast forward two years to a very significant year for Google and Android. The year is 2007 and Apple has already flipped the mobile market upside down with the release of their dazzlingly new and innovative iPhone device, but Google is not discouraged. November of that year Google enters an alliance with an array technology and mobile companies such as Motorola, Sprint Nextel, T-mobile, Intel, and LG to name a few, called the Open Handset Alliance, setting the stage for Android’s renowned flexibility. On September 23, 2008, a little less than a year after entering the OHA, Google and Android debut their first mobile device with the T-Mobile carrier, the highly anticipated G1. The G1 was the first of many innovative, highly anticipated devices and along with devices like the Motorola Droid (released October 2009), the Nexus 1 (released January 2010), the Sprint EVO (released June 2010), and countless others in between, helped spark the flame to the wildfire that is now the Android takeover.

Now back to the question at hand…What Makes the Little Green Robot so Popular? Like previously stated, the answer or should I say answers, are simple; versatility and freedom. The OHA that Google/Android is a part of gives their devices a versatility and flexibility that translates to numerous options for consumers and a level of freedom. Android is available on multiple devices and distributed by multiple carriers. People love that! They don’t have to be boxed in and confined to any one device or carrier. Secondly, with Android being an open source platform it is a developers dream, more freedom! Android’s open source platform also accounts for the many free and cheap apps available in its App Market of over 200,000 apps. Now how’s that for variety! Here’s a big one, its last but definitely not least. Another key component to Android’s success is GOOGLE, DUH! Google is a GIANT; a JUGGERNAUNT in the internet market. With that kind of giant company coupled with innovative devices, how could Android not be a winner? Honestly, who doesn’t love Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube or Amazon? All of which come preloaded on Android devices.

Overall Android is a great OS. It fun, easy to use and versatile (ok that’s the last time I’ll say that), and the developers just keep building on it and make it better. That’s not to say that Apple and RIM aren’t great because they are, Android is just a really nice alternative, with a cool green robot. They all make news, entertainment, business, communicating with friends and life in general, more instantaneous and accessible. It was predicted that Android would be the top smart phone platform in the world by the 3rdquarter of 2010. It didn’t quite conquer that feat but if it’s steady U.S growth is any indication for the future, world domination is not far off. Prepare for the attack of the Android!

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