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Basic Concepts of iPad Application Development – Don’t Forget Them!

iPad Application DevelopmentsA sophisticated device like the iPad has smart users. They know what they want from an application and if you being the app designer fail to give them that, you sure have lost valuable customers. Keeping complicated technological ideas aside, we’ll just focus on three basic conceptual elements that app designers either forget to focus on or are completely unaware of it. Make sure you don’t neglect these three important features because if you do; your app won’t last long.

Awesome User Interface Design and Creative Graphics

One look is all that’s needed for a user to pass or fail your app. Yes, it sounds harsh, but consider yourself as the user….would you use an app that seems to go haywire on color schemes and has a complicated user interface? Regardless of the functionality of the app, a user would immediately be put off with mediocre graphics and unruly features. So, roll up your sleeves and get creative. Start creating snapshots of the app home page, its color scheme and its overall look. iPad Game Developments

If it’s a game, then how are your characters designed? How have you created the environment and are the characters being portrayed according to game play? These are pretty essential conditions you have to sort out just so you could deliver an awesome user interface.

For the record, less is more but that doesn’t mean to keep it completely bland.

Designing the App According to Touch Dynamics

When designing the app, you must clearly define interactive features according to touch dynamics. This means that the user must know how to access interactive features with simple touch strokes. If there’s any special movement (pinching, double tapping) needed to use the element, you must clearly define it with the help of pop up instructions. Again try to keep it simple; because the more you complicate it, the faster a user will quit using your app.

Sometimes, app designers simply miss out this important feature just because they are so busy looking at the big picture. Small mistakes as these could put all your hard work to waste. iPad App Interface DesignKeep it Simple but Efficient

So you think integrating loads of functions in the app will make it unique and efficient? Wrong. The best apps are those that are goal oriented and are focused. Instagram, WhatsApp and many others are classic examples of efficiency in simplicity. They have clearly defined functions with a simple interface that is easy enough for a non-tech savy person to use.

Users don’t have the time or patience to dig through in-depth functions even if your application is awesome. They may be impressed by your interface and all but if using it requires them to dig down and deep, that’s just not going to make them happy.

These are very basic conceptual elements that you need to be aware of and a team meeting with special focus on these elements will also help generate better ideas. iPad App DevelopmentsDo you need help in getting an awesome iPad app developed? Or are you looking for an iPhone application development expert who can deploy a rich, user centric, reality based app? We are exactly what you need! Social Cubix takes your project through a dedicated product development life cycle process – just so you could get an app that will boost your brand.

Drop us a line and let our experts guide you!

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