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Boosting Mobile Customer Retention: 5 How-tos

Mobile app teams daily run into monetization and retention problems. Innovators are busy at work coming up with key methods to drive tangible business results and increase mobile retention. Let’s discuss these methods.

1. The Relationship between Analytics and Iteration


You’ve observed how several thousand app publishers are making use of analytics packages like Flurry or Google, to amass how customers are behaving inside their apps. Various events are created to observe specific user actions and look at the trail left behind by user interaction; app publishers can get a fix on what goes on once their app is launched.

This crude data is used to streamline the app so that areas of opportunities can be better exploited while what isn’t so hot can be dropped or changed in the app. Use analytics to drive iteration on your brand – this is one tried and true way of increasing retention numbers.

2. Nitrous (NOS) Those Downloads


You increase retention, your audience grows, and it’s that simple. Due to this audience growth, you get improved app store performance, since your larger and happier user base will more readily talk about you as well as share super-duper app store reviews and ratings.

This highly engaged audience is also more than likely to tell their friends and acquaintances to try out your app. In the end, you’re looking at favorably higher organic growth.

3. Why Engagement is Key


You’ll hear the phrase “user engagement” being generously tossed around in app marketing discussions; however, you need to narrow down the scope to something specific in order to better define your objectives. In the app world, there are essentially three ways to connect with your audiences:

Customer Research

Any business that’s into developing apps has an established audience through which research can be conducted and a thing or two can be learned. Learn to tap into that audience with specific research goals – this is a crucial engagement mechanism which empowers and improves your brand through customer involvement.  These customers who have a sense of involvement usually stick around for a long time.


This is a must-have for any kind of app: listening to customers with a ready ear and making it plain easy for them to leave you feedback. Believe me, there are customers out there who are all too eager to let you know what they really like about your app, what they want to see improved and what’s causing confusion. These are in fact, the most highly engaged users. Embrace them, empower them; their input will drive your app higher.

Highly Personalized Communications

Direct mailing to all your customer, email “bombardment”, advertising to dig out audiences – these old methods of communicating don’t cut it today as mobile is a rather personal experience. Remember, tactics that your competitors are using, are devised to make your brand look clueless.

Here’s what you should do: communicate with your users on the basis of actions they’re taking on a daily basis, the groups they belong to, or the questions they want to ask. These clever ways of generating conversations in a personalized manner lets you deliver an unparalleled experience to every user. This brings them back on a daily basis.

4. How Can You Best Understand Your Customer?


What drives higher retention over time? A keen understanding of your customer and a highly personalized relationship. Once you get down to business, a healthy after effect is that you are able to better understand the ‘kind of lingo’ your customers are using and what matters to them the most, product-wise.

Use this understanding to shape up your marketing efforts, which can yield very favorable outcomes since you’re taking the customers’ lingo into account. You see, there are select things in life that are as potent and powerful as communicating with someone in their own way of speaking.

The End-goal: Deep, Meaningful Relationships


Eventually, the goal of every mobile marketer should be to develop value for both their clients as well as the brand, in the long haul. Mobile channels are known for their uncanny ability to deliver the best and most personal experience to each customer, and as a result LTV has become very important for smart mobile business owners.

As marketers, we understand almost too well how being able to effectively measure traffic sources as well as knowing who are our most interested and relevant customers, leads to the highest profitability and long-term value.

The fact of the matter is once you successfully develop truly meaningful relationships with customers, they see your business as ‘human’, rather than one geared exclusively towards profits. They understand that you have the capacity to empathize with them, listen and learn from them, and practically apply all that.

This leads to a robust image and public perception – users tend to cut you more slack and know that a few mistakes here and there are inevitable. Once you get this level of understanding with your customers, you know you’ve done your job well.

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