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Building Brand Engagement via Facebook Apps

Businesses have their work cut out for them in this age of social media. They now have access to far robust tools to engage with their consumers more closely. We are left wondering how big brands had fewer and less effective options to dive brand engagement back in the old days.

The past is the past and now, thanks to technological innovations and the people’s preference to use social media to consume vast amounts of content, Facebook app development is all the rage today. When done right, a company can gain more fans by the means of a Facebook app in no time.

Why dabble into Facebook app development you ask? Aside from the obvious benefits of getting your brand influence across, a Facebook app remains one of the most acceptable ways for users to share their data and information voluntarily.  For marketers, it doesn’t get any easier and better than this.

Here are some tips that a Facebook app development firm should keep in mind while crafting that perfect app:

Design a Facebook app which acts like a flawless companion to your brand’s Facebook Fan Page

Familiarity does NOT breed contempt. Facebook apps that make people identify with their favourite brands straightaway are the way to go. Adopt a more personalized and involved approach that suits both your fan page and Facebook app development efforts in one swoop. Examples of Custom Facebook Applications can range from sweepstakes, photo-sharing, picture contests, video contests, polls, etc.

Dynamic and Interactive. Facebook Apps should be compelling to fans and users.

Don’t make an app just for the sake of making one. Especially one that is too boring to look and use. A shoddy app isn’t going to do you wonders in increasing your number of your fans. Your apps should reflect the vibrancy of your brand. More so, integrate it with social media sharing functions for added viral benefits. More people will flock to your brand’s fan page as a result.

Why Facebook apps?

Want to gain valuable intel about target demographics in no time? That too in a way where your fans themselves volunteer? Developing a stellar Facebook app that can be used without fuss is the way to go. Think of it as a trust-building exercise between consumers and the brand.


Facebook app development is a means to an end. By leveraging the power of custom Facebook applications, global brands can kickstart their Facebook presence into high gear to gain further fans down the road.

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