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Competing in a Crowded Mobile App Marketplace

People around the world are shopping, managing their business, and watching their favorite movies – all while waiting in line at the grocery store or riding the bus. Applications for mobile devices have transformed the mobile phone into a powerful device that can mutate into a portable television, laptop, mp3 player or even gaming console at the touch of a screen.Booming IndustryA Booming Industry

The market for these apps is growing at a staggering rate, and shows no signs of slowing. For reference, the most popular film so far this year is The Hunger Games, which has been seen by about 50 million people since its March 12 premiere. The year’s fastest growing mobile app, Draw Something, has experienced similar exposure; it reached 50 million downloads within 50 days of its release.
Draw Something App DevelopersAlthough it’s a free app, Draw Something has also achieved comparable financial success – according to OMGPop (the developer behind Draw Something) the game produces profits in excess of $100,000 per day. Furthermore, app development giant Zynga reportedly purchased OMGPop for about $200 million. Draw Something, however, was probably produced with just a tiny fraction of The Hunger Games’ whopping $78 million budget. The potential for such an astronomical return on investment makes the app development industry an exciting one.

Like the motion picture industry, an aspiration to create the next blockbuster app sparks the imagination of thousands – but with mobile apps, the chances of watching your creation become reality don’t seem quite so intimidating. An aspiring filmmaker might spend years sending their screenplays to major motion picture studio executives that will never read them, or trying to raise the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars that would be necessary to capture their vision on film. A hopeful and determined app developer, on the other hand, might be able to develop a relatively simple app in just a few months, and may even see their application on an iPhone a week or two after submitting it to Apple’s App Store.

Challenges of Mobile App Development

The relatively simple process of creating apps and the potential for massive monetary gain comes with a price: the industry is overcrowded. More than 500,000 apps are available for iPhone in the App Store – and not all of them are turning a profit. In fact, some apps don’t even make it to the App Store; several developers have invested thousands of dollars and months of hard work on the design and marketing for an app that was rejected by Apple. Even apps that have been accepted often don’t incorporate an appropriate layout, employ ineffective marketing or suffer from a myriad of other issues that their creator didn’t notice or didn’t properly address, and consequently achieve inadequate sales.

Overcoming the Obstacles

So how can a mobile app developer ensure that their app stands out from the crowd, and gets a fighting chance in such a fierce market? Obviously, a great idea is the backbone of a great application. Unfortunately, this is where the development of many potentially successful apps comes to an end. The following steps are much more complicated, and simply having a great idea and knowing someone with programming experience usually isn’t enough. An experienced app development company, however, can facilitate the creation of your mobile app, utilizing the most efficient design, layout and functionality, and often even providing a marketing campaign that will expose your app to millions of potential users. Contact us for great app developmentIf you want to make your next project a success then we would love to hear from you. Contact Us!

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