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Could Facebook be Monopolizing our Data?

Businesses yearn to derive more and more information about people, their location, associations, and interests. This is because when they possess that kind of knowledge, they can create more influential and more monetizable apps and services. However, people wish to put a stop to this kind of access to their personal information, as they are afraid of being exploited, monitored or misused.

Facebook’s Reply to Data Security Issues: The Anonymous Login

In this context, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the arrival of a new offering known as the Anonymous Login, which will be one of the most inventive ideas ever to come from the social networking giant. Using Anonymous Login, users will be able to login to any app by means of their Facebook accounts, but the only information that will be made available to the apps, is their names and gender. The login screen will be revamped such that it will let users choose which private information stored on Facebook (including email addresses, birthdays or stuff that they have ‘liked’ on the network) can be accessed by a specific app.

How is it going to work?

If you supply your personal information to Facebook, you can then easily install and make use of apps, which support Anonymous Login. This will not call for submitting your personal data to the app maker, at least in the beginning. To put this in another way, it means that a mobile app that supports Facebook’s Anonymous Login would permit Facebook users who are already logged-in, to be engaged with the app in the same manner as if they had submitted their personal data to them, even if they hadn’t done it in reality to prevent their identity.

Embraced with a Warm Welcome

Allowing users to use a ‘Login Anonymously’ tab as an alternative to the ‘sign in with Facebook’ button, more commonly known as Facebook Connect, can prove to be a momentous upgrade to end user privacy issues across the web. It will also be a catalyst in booming the current and future Facebook app development market, as more companies will be keen on developing Facebook apps for users who will no longer have major concerns over security issues, like those in the past. Rob Shavell, CEO of Abine, which helps millions of people to enhance their online privacy, believes it to be a creative and defensive move made by Facebook. With passing time, Facebook has started to place more importance to the growing needs of users who demand more online privacy for being in charge of their online presence.

How it will Benefit Future App Ventures

If you had doubts, that Facebook’s privacy concerns would be the reason for your app users to shy away from your app, then rest assured! With enhanced controls over login permissions, the platform is also revamping its app permissions dashboard, hence making it easier for users to modify what permissions they have granted to their apps. Now, it is up to the future entrepreneurs to invest their money into reputable Facebook app development companies who will guide them as to how to design their app development strategy to fully benefit from this feature. As Facebook is testing this new feature with a number of selected developers, users will have to wait for it to arrive for a few more months before it fully comes into action.

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