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Creating a Social Media Contest

Creating a facebook contest appThe platform of custom Facebook application development has opened up a whole new avenue of specialized marketing and advertising to brands the world over, regardless of their size and stature. Take the one of prevailing current social media trends for instance; the online contest that bridges the gap between the virtual and the tangible world by running on Facebook.

A quick search on either Google or Facebook shows that most big brands like Coke, Canon and McDonalds typically have at least one social media contest application running at any given time. Most usually, this approach entails a custom fan page onto which the respective contest application is embedded, and the remarkable subscription numbers make it very clear that here’s an approach that is invaluably effective if launched correctly.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of things you’d have to consider in the case of considering a social media contest that would ideally bring about a brand awareness boost in the general market. Here are some tips that help when creating a successful online contest with a marketing blend.

1. Identify and implement strategies towards your Marketing Goal:

Defining your objective is the most critical element of working out a plan to launch a social media contest. It is crucial that you think of things such as whether you’re looking into the launch of a new product or do you want to breathe new life into an old one?The most important clear and realistic about what you wish to achieve.

You need to be very clear about the specific consumers you’re reaching out to. Are you looking to attract new customers or engage existing ones? Do demographics matter or is it just a desire to go viral at work?

While you can find numerous social media development companies that will get you any sort of custom facebook application you need, it is crucial that you decide on what your budget is before going out there.

2. Consumer Engagement:

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Note that online contests should be built in a way that makes it relatively easy for users to enter into the contest. Ease of use is one of the biggest factors of user engagement when it comes to channeling effectual marketing via an online contest, and the best way to do this is to ensure that your facebook app is as simple to use for a high-school kid as it is for your grandparents.

3. Rules, Regulations and Guidelines:

Facebook Contest Rules
A contest without a clear specification of rules and regulations consistently faces the risk of being reported and given negative feedback based on which it can be blocked indefinitely. It is therefore always a great idea to check with your custom facebook app developer and ensure that any relevant state and federal laws governing contests are being properly adhered to. On a similar note, it always helps to clearly specify eligibility factors as well as guidelines that provide a simple yet complete outline of rights, rules, and other such relevant factors.

And these are some of the things to be considered when considering a venture into Facebook development – In closing, note that there are multitudes of software houses that could help you create facebook applications, and finding the right one for you can be quite a daunting task.

So here’s a tip for the best there is to help you get started on your social media development spree: Social Cubix a software development firm that specializes in custom social media application development, and has been in the business for around 3 years now, and is dedicated to providing competitive solutions to businesses of all segments and sizes.

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