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Do You Have What It Takes to be a Facebook App Developer – Tips from Social Cubix?

Ever since Facebook launched a platform for applications, the development world went crazy with thousands of developers wanting to showcase their “awesome app idea”. However, after all said and done, tried and tested, only the toughest of those developers survived this ever growing market. Why is it that these app development companies made it big while the rest of them fizzled out despite the growing demand for game app development? Despite being a geeky coder, do you have what it takes to be a Facebook app developer? Let’s find out shall we?

Mobile App Planning

Do You Have A Rigorous Planning Approach?

Just like software development, app development greatly depends upon rigorous planning. It’s usually 80% planning and 20% coding. Enthusiastic developers simply forgot this ground rule and went ahead with an app development process without basic analysis or documentation. You simply cannot create an awesome Facebook application without documenting the app lifecycle process. From documentation to design to development and deployment – everything has to be clearly planned and sorted. Clients would prefer companies or developers who can lay down ground factors for them before the project is initiated.

Facebook App Creative Team

Do You Have Creativity and Awesome Design Strategies?

App development is not just about coding, rather it’s more about creativity and effective design strategies. How do you want to show the user interface? What colors best represent the application design? What fonts, images and other elements are needed to make the application awesome? Unless you don’t have a graphic vision or are somebody totally clueless about design strategies, application development would not be much helpful for you.

Facebook App Development

Do You Have a Team?

An application development process is not a one man army operation. It requires a team – an effective team at that. You need to have a documentation specialist to handle the planning arena, the design specialist to create a vision, the coding specialist and the quality assurance specialist. Decentralizing tasks is the best way to complete a development process. Being a single handed developer cannot make you a millionaire developer.

Facebook Application Marketing

Do You Have the Skills to Market and Convince?

Did you know that all successful app development companies have been those that had a dynamic sales strategy? You have to go out there and convince entrepreneurs, clients and business professionals to invest in your services. Without effective offline or online marketing strategies (more focus on online marketing), it’s next to impossible to get your app working effectively.

Facebook App Monetization

Do You have Patience and a Vision?

If you are really serious to make it big as a professional Facebook app developer, then you need to have a strong vision coupled with patience. If you have neither of them, it’s practically impossible for you to take on the business. Know that it will not be an instant hit. There will be times when you would have to face constant failure; but if you have a vision, a plan and the will to endure – you may succeed.

Having awesome coding skills is not enough to make you a big time developer. When it comes to this industry, everything depends on how strong your resources, your team and your marketing skills are.

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