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Draw Something – The Addictive iPhone Game

Bored of all those shooting, racing games? Want to experience something new, light, creative and totally fun? Time you try Draw Something – a guessing game that lets you draw images based on certain words. Being very simple yet creative, this game has already reached over 80 countries worldwide with millions of users getting addicted to it. Social Cubix being an iPhone game developer, decided to give its readers a quick review of the game just so you could have a great time. You sure can thank us for getting you addicted ;) What’s the Game About?

Well, the concept is pretty simple. All you got to do is guess the word your opponent is coming up with the images they draw. You on the other hand will be guessing the word they have with the image they draw. With the correct guesses, you can score points. The fun part of this game is in enhancing your creativity to the extent that you can draw images well enough to describe a word while also being able to decipher what your opponent has in mind. Simple enough? Great. Let’s take it further.

How to Play?

You can play the game by registering through your Facebook ID or signing up as a new user. With the Facebook registration you can then provoke your friends into playing the game along. If playing with Facebook friends isn’t your call, you can simply find random opponents to play the game with.Draw Something Game DevelopersNext you are given a list of words, each of them with various difficulty levels. You pick a word that you wish to draw with having a choice in picking pen thickness and font color. With that, you can now start drawing a visual image of that word and have your opponent guessing about the image. The guesses are done based on a selection of letters to tap which sorts of restricts the free flow with which users can guess.

With the points you earn, you can buy more colors or bombs – items which blows up letters that you have to choose from, thus giving you easier options. As you play and go towards higher levels, you will find a number of words being repeated and you may also start becoming familiar with various images.

Basic Features of the Game

Here’s a quick review of some basic features of the game.

  • Universal iOS compatible which means you can play on the iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • You can draw almost anything, in any shape with no artistic excellence required.
  • With more than 50 vibrant colors to play with.
  • Turn based game which means dynamic gaming.
  • Available on the iTunes for FREE!!

Draw Something iPhone AppOur Take on It:

Currently, the game is one of the most popular apps on the iOS as well as Android platform. You wouldn’t want to miss this game if you want your kids to have some fun time on their iPad because this is also a great way to teach your kids words and drawing images. It sure perked our attention because we are the people behind such exciting game developments. If this game sounds exciting to you, we can develop a smarter, faster and better version than this! Drop us a line if you would like to have an iPhone game app developed within a budget.

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