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Elections 2012 – 5 Smartphone Apps that Transformed the Political Landscape

It is pertinent to note the role of technology in every sphere and aspect of our lives. And the biggest events in any part of the planet showcases how technology is evolving and facilitating change,

Case at point – the Elections 2012. This election has seen an unprecedented use of smartphones and social networks to spread word about political issues and a voter’s responsibility in ushering in change.

The term that ‘there’s an app for that’ is truer now more than ever. And here’s how the Elections 2012 brought the use of smartphone apps and social media technology as a means to raise political issues and awareness amongst the voters:politifact iphone developers1. Politifact (iPhone , $1.99)

Want to keep track of your candidates promises and pundit predictions? With the onslaught of news it becomes an uphill task to keep track of who said what and their positions on hot-button political issues. The folks behind Politifact had just the same idea. This iPhone app sorts trending issues by topic and tracks rulings by subject and people.super pac app developers2. Super PAC App (iPhone , Free)

sometimes an astute voter might feel the need to find how much a particular political ad on TV costs and who have financed it. With money being a significant in Elections 2012, voters may feel the need to see transparency if they are to go out and cast their vote. Super PAC App does just that. All you need to do is open the app and let your iPhone camera view the ad playing on tv. The app fetches relevant details about the ad in question such as cost, responsible group and ratings. You can rate the ad too.polltracker app developers3. PollTracker by TPM Media (iPhone & iPad , Free)

The only app you need to see the poll data in real time, PollTracker features a slick yet simple user interface for just that purpose. You can see how a candidate is doing in a certain state, breakdown of voting blocs, search functions and more. If all you need is to indulge your stats fix for Election 2012, then this is all you need.congress application developers4. Congress+ (iPhone , $0.99 and $4.99)

Get in touch with your state representatives with Congress+. This app contains information about bills and legislature, contact info of Congress lawmakers and their political aspirations.5. C SPAN Radio (iPhone , Android , Free)

A radio app with one specific purpose, C SPAN gives you access to Congressional hearings and proceedings. Also political analysis and lectures. And its free to use.

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