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Facebook Applications and Monetization

Facebook becomes a part of your life because of the applications that keep you glued to your screen, and as it serves as a basic platform for you to keep in touch with your long-distance friends and family members, the idea of living without Facebook reflects that of Stone Age.

We all are aware that people use facebook for the millions of Facebook applications on it. Facebook Application Developers have created a world —a virtual one – where millions of people breathe and live. It has also created opportunities for business oriented developers who come up with the best of the best Facebook applications, many of which are known to go viral and virtually turn into gold for them. You have a $1 idea, you work on it, you implement the designing and framework behind it – and it can turn out to be a $1M profit. Remember Mafia Wars? Like this game, there are many more now.

All this leads us to the modern phenomenon of monetization, but as with everything else, it’s not child’s play. Not every idea leads to millions in returns. Your idea should be a novel item; it should have all the viral hooks attached so that when a user uses your app, he or she feels compelled to recommends to his or her friends. The same effect should influence the friends of the user who see this application — it must be engaging. Above all; it should have maximum addiction level so that it keeps users coming back to repeatedly, almost every day and definitely, at least, more than twice a day.

Seeing such results and bearing the fruit of monetization through Facebook Applications is not an overnight affair; but when worked on closely with thorough brainstorming, idea-sharing, and courage to take a giant leap of faith, you can land yourself that million dollar app that you have been dreaming about.

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