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Social Cubix is a premier Facebook app developer and one of the largest social media development houses in Northern America by project and personnel count.

The concept of a Facebook application developer is an all-encompassing term; it can apply to a single person working in a cramped room or it can refer to a fully equipped team of specialists working within a massive setup. What really counts when it comes to setting apart the best from the rest is obviously the quality of work that a particular source of development can deliver. And this is where such things as coding standards, programming practices, and product lifecycle management start mattering as much as front end UI functionality.

It is important to understand that the best Facebook App Development is based on an adequate understanding of external API integration along with the Facebook Open Graph API. A great Facebook App Developer, moreover, is one who enhances this knowledge with a firm grasp of PHP, ROR, HTML, Java Scripts and databases.

The particular points at which viral hooks such as Friend Invites, Likes, Shares and Posts features are functionally embedded is what tends to make all the difference between apps that go awesomely viral and the ones that just simply don’t!

Social Cubix provides customers comprehensive Facebook solutions including Page, App and Game development. With a team of experts, the company turns customers’ objectives and existing concepts developed into fully operation products.

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