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Facebook eCommerce Apps that Can Help You Earn Money

Facebook is facilitating connectivity between people more than ever. Wouldn’t it be good if you had some ways to make money on the world’s biggest social network? Not to mention selling your stuff on Facebook rather conveniently? Guess what, not only is it possible but also easy for individuals to conduct business via Facebook.

Facebook App developers can take advantage of unique concepts to develop e-Commerce apps for their clients. Various technological innovations on Facebook have made it very easy for developers to design and deploy business-oriented apps in no time.

Here are e-Commerce apps on Facebook that can help you earn money:
ebay store app development


The granddaddy of e-Commerce websites, eBay also has a dedicated Facebook app that comes with many options. You can

  • List eBay auctions on your wall.
  • Sell anything to your friends from Facebook.
  • Include any charity auctions you want people to be aware of.

Music Blaster

How cool was it if you could promote your favourite artists/bands on your Facebook page and make money in the process? This is where Music Blaster comes in. You can

  • Put a mini Music Store on your Facebook page.
  • Make 5% for every song sold from the Facebook app.
  • Help your favourite music acts gain more exposure.

Zazzle Commerce Store Developers


Zazzle is a do-it-yourself e-Commerce app. It’s for the creative souls out there who like to design and sell their own customized stuff. You can easily create a custom product from their site free of charge and sell it on Facebook. You can

  • Sell products created by other artists and earn commission.
  • Design your own t-shirts, hats, etc and build a buyer base for yourself.
  • Advertise your own custom wares on Facebook and gain more exposure.

e3buy Auction

What’s this – another Facebook auction app? You’ll be surprised by the unique features offered by the e3Buy Auction app for Facebook. You can

  • Open your own customized store on Facebook with your own brand logo
  • Buy, sell, trade or auction anything without any extra fees or commission.
  • Take advantage of PayPal integration for secure payment method.

With so much unique options for an e-Commerce app on Facebook, the sky is the limit. If you want to develop such an e-Commerce app for your business, Social Cubix can develop your app idea in no time. Call us today at 866-978-2220.

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